Chakra Chandelier Necklace on 3mm Satin Cord


This is a Silver tone Chakra Chandelier Necklace on a 3mm Satin Cord with extension chain. It dangles on a Silver tone Tibetan barrel pendant hanging bead. From the center heart opening, hangs a single 4mm Clear Crystal Quartz bead which helps intensify the healing properties of the other Gemstones. From the lower end, dangles Gemstones in the sacred number of seven; 7 stacks of 4mm beads to represent the seven main Chakras. The 1st or Base Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Red Garnet. The 2nd or Sacral Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Orange Carnelian. The 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Yellow Citrine. The 4th or Heart Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Green & Pink marbled Unikite. The 5th or Throat Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Turquoise. The 6th or Third Eye Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Lapis Lazuli. The 7th or Crown Chakra has a 7 stack of 4mm beads in Amethyst.

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Main Metaphysical Property of the Gemstones:

CLEAR CRYSTAL QUARTZ: CLARITY and the ability to intensify the properties of all the other Gemstones.

1st or Base Chakra: RED GARNET: PROSPERITY. Physical Fears, Safety, Security, Stability and Passion. Connects the flow/channel through all 7 Chakras from Physical through Spiritual.

2nd or Sacral Chakra: ORANGE CARNELIAN: CREATIVITY. Sexuality. Fire Energy Balance. Helps with Abuse, Anger, Resentment, and Abandonment issues. Encourages Self-Esteem, Willpower, Determination, Confidence.

3rd or Solar Plexus: YELLOW CITRINE: ABUNDANCE & MANIFESTING YOUR GOALS. Often called the Merchant’s stone because it encourages success in Money, Financial, Business and Employment matters. Helps draw in the energy of the Law of Attraction which encourages the success in manifesting your goals. Your hunches or Gut Feelings can be found and encouraged here. Also encourages a Sunny disposition, Joy, Gratitude, Optimism, Exuberance and Enthusiasm. Encourages release of old or outworn habits, emotional baggage, issues or people that no longer serve your highest good.

4th or Heart Chakra: UNIKITE: LOVE. Unconditional, Romantic, Platonic, Partnerships. Kindness, Compassion, Belonging, Self-Love. Emotional Balance and Harmony. Helps heal all emotional wounds as well as physical Heart issues. Helps unblock the Heart Chakra so you are able to give and receive love in equal amounts as to encourage mutuality in all relationships whether with yourself or another.

5th or Throat Chakra: TURQUOISE: WHOLENESS. COMMUNICATION. A Balance of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energies. Physical and Emotional Well-Being. The Master Gemstone that Balances and Harmonizes all Systems and brings one into a state of completeness or Wholeness.

6th or Third Eye Chakra: LAPIS LAZULI: INTUITION. Mental Clarity. Psychic ability. Empathy. Sixth Sense. Gnosis. Dreams. Prophecy. Lucid Dreaming. Ability to see or connect with the unseen.

7th or Crown Chakra: AMETHYST: CONNECTING WITH THE DIVINE OR SPIRITUALITY. Amethyst helps us calm our fears. Connect us with our Higher Selves and the Divine,Source, Spirit or Universe. It nurtures us and comforts us as well as helps us attract and appreciate beauty and peace in our lives. It also is the Gemstone of small Business and Entrepreneurs. The Gemstone Amethyst is considered the bridge between the Physical and the Spiritual Planes. Messages from the Spiritual Plane delivered across the bridge or channel to the Physical Plane.


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