Distant Reiki Treatment – 15 minute single area


Need treatment on a single area instead of the whole body treatment? This 15 minute intensive therapy treatment is just right. (Please include a photo of yourself if possible in order to help  focus the healing energy.) This is a 15 minute full body Distant Reiki  Treatment. Since Reiki is based on the intent and movement of energy, this treatment can be done from a distance very effectively. This Reiki treatment opens and aligns the chakra energy centers and brings your energy’s vibrational frequency up to the highest level you can readily use. This is a very healing treatment that will put your Body, Mind & Spirit in a very positive state of well-being.   Please feel free to schedule a day and time in the email form below. After purchase, if possible please email me a photo of yourself to help me concentrate the energy flow to you. Please be prepared to set aside this 15 minute agreed on time, where you can be alone in a very quiet space and preferably where you can lie down in a comfortable darkened room undisturbed. To complement this service, try one of my Tarot Readings and start your life’s transformation today.

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