Tiger’s Eye, Citrine & Carnelian with Bronze French Hook Wire Earrings


Antique Bronze tone Gemstone Pierced Earrings. Also available in Clip-On Style. And goes well with the Peacock Feather, Tiger’s eye, Citrine and Carnelian Necklace in Antique Bronze.

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Antique Bronze tone Gemstone Pierced Earrings. These earrings are made with Antique Bronze toned French hook Earring wires and from these dangle 2 – 4mm Genuine Tiger’s Eye beads, 1 – 4mm Genuine Citrine bead and one larger 8mm Genuine Carnelian Gemstone bead. Earrings have an approximate 1- 1/2″ (4cm) drop. Also available in a Antique Bronze Clip-on style for non-pierced wearers. Lovely paired with the Antique Bronze Peacock Feather, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Carnelian Gemstone Necklace at a 5% discount if you purchase the set.

Main Metaphysical properties of:

TIGER’S EYE: BALANCE of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energies.

CITRINE: The Stone of MANIFESTATION. Also known as the Merchant’s Stone because it is said to help manifest financial, employment and business success. A Sunny dispostion.

CARNELIAN: ACTION. Creativity. Sexuality issues. Will and determination. Fire energy. Helps with abuse, grief or abandonment issues as well as anger and resentment.



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Dimensions 8.5 × 5.3 × 1.62 in


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