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Card #1: THE SITUATION: 9 of Water: With the 9 of Waters as the situation this week, it is assuring you that something you have wished for will be manifesting itself in your life very soon. You may find you will be very satisfied with how something turns out or that you finally have come to a stage in your life where you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck or where you ‘have enough’ with more where that came from and you are set for the future in an area in your life. But even though you find you are very satisfied with what you will accomplish, don’t become complacent and lazy. That attitude can literally mean you will become ‘fat and happy’, but not healthy enough to enjoy it… keep moving forward. Or just keep moving as this card can symbolize weight gains because you’ve overindulged in your good fortune! This is the ‘dream come true’ card so is one the the best cards in the deck to receive! It is the ‘Genie in the bottle’, but it does carry the added meaning to ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!’ As an example, you wanted a fancy new car  and you are finally able to get a loan for it. Or you wish for the person you’ve had your eye on to come into your life as your new love interest and it finally happens…. Great! But, not so fast! You may get that new car, but find out later that you can’t afford the payments AND the gas to drive it. Or, you may get that person you’ve had your eye on as your new lover, but you didn’t count on the fact that they came with a spouse too! So choose your words carefully when formulating your wishes or prayers because it may turn out to be more than you bargained for in the end! But, with thoughtful wishes and prayers, you will be getting your dream come true!

CARD #2: CHALLENGE  : 7 of Earth: With the 7 of Earth as your challenge card, it can show that you have wished and waited for something or worked for something so long and hard with nothing to show for it, that you have finally just given up on it. This can put you in a fatalistic state of mind where you won’t recognize that it is FINALLY happening for you and your wish is actually coming true. All your hard work or waiting has paid off and your wish is finally coming true! There’s nothing left for you to do. The work is done or the time has finally come for the pay off! But with the wrong attitude, you might not recognize it when it shows up, or your negativity could actually chase off the very thing you had hoped for!

In SUMMARY: Even though it may have taken quite some time for your wish or desire to materialize, the time has come to receive. Now you must open your eyes and your heart in order to lift your spirits enough to recognize and accept the gift when it arrives. Be ready and expectant for it to happen for you so you don’t end up chasing it off or letting it pass you by! There’s nothing left for you to do but receive and say a big grateful “YES”!!! All that hard work, waiting and effort has finally paid off, so be open and ready to receive. Congratulations!!!

 The Good Tarot   by Collette Baron-Reid c. 2017. Published in the U.S. by Lifestyles, Hay House, Inc.   *To purchase this deck, click on the deck name.

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