The card chosen for this week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post #97 is: Rose Quartz, and it’s essential meaning is: Self-love, self-worth, being enough, worthiness.

When Rose Quartz Spirit appears, you are called to pay attention to one of the most wonderful creations the Conscious Universe has ever brought into being: you! Have you forgotten how beautiful you are? You have so many strengths and a unique set of qualities that will be like magical superpowers as you walk the healing path.

Rose Quartz Spirit has come to remind you of your soul’s worth. Many, many people will benefit simply from knowing you and being in your presence, drinking in the love that radiates from your heart. Trust that the Conscious Universe is always there to fill you up with the power of love whenever you need it and remind you that you are worthy of all that you seek, for you are an exquisite expression of divinity. What a powerful and one-of-a-kind source of healing love you are!

We are conditioned to forget how amazing we are, so when Rose Quartz Spirit shows up, it’s because now is a time for being aware of how quickly we forget our beauty and worth. Have you been falling into a comparison trap and convincing yourself that you aren’t good enough and that you have to work hard to deserve what you want for yourself? No, no, no – let go of that scarcity mentality. Comparing yourself to someone else should be done only when you want to identify those matching inner strengths of yours that you wish to amplify so that you may experience even more love and prosperity. Today is a good day to connect with what you see and love in others and feel the presence of those attributes within yourself. Remind yourself of the times when you have been strong, smart, playful, confident – whatever the quality, it is within you. Know that you have all you need, and you will see your relationship reflecting that you are worthy of what you desire.

Now is the time to be mindful of how quickly you can fall into false beliefs about not being enough, and to take action toward acknowledging your self-worth. Today is a day for loving yourself and recognizing all that is good and beautiful and true about you. That way you can start to see the many gifts you have, some obvious and some too long hidden from your awareness. Discover the incredibleness of you that the Conscious Universe knows and loves. Then it will be easier to let go of the old ways of relating to abundance in the world. You will see that it is yours to enjoy, that you are worthy of the affluence and wealth you seek. Step into fully accepting that you deserve a firm foundation of material wealth.

Rose Quartz is often identified with romantic love, but this beautiful stone in fact encourages us to experience love in its myriad forms – from a mother’s tender care of her child to random acts of service or kindness toward a stranger. Rose Quartz encompasses all expressions of love, including self-love. Meditation with this stone brings the knowing that we are a part of this loving frequency – that we are perfect and always have been.

Illustrations for The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2019. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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