Change ~ An ending that leads to a new beginning ~ A necessary letting go ~ Transformation ~ In a state of transition ~ New Beginnings ~Change of status quo or lifestyle ~ The inevitable

This week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post reading is about the Tarot card TRANSFORMATION, which is known as DEATH in more traditional decks. But fear not! The meaning of this card rarely means actual death as some horror movies have depicted it. It literally means a transformation from one state to another. Being in a transitional phase. This card also speaks of an impending change. A change of pace. Changing ones path in life. A change of the status quo. This change will be for the best, but may be met with resistance or possibly even fear. This is not unusual, but it is unwarranted, as the changes ushered in by this card are always for the best. You may be in a transitional period where you have ended one phase and are in the period before the new phase has begun.  This ending or change could be characterized as the completion of one phase in a persons life which leads directly into the next. It could be from childhood into adulthood. From Graduating school, to being set free into the ‘real world’. From parenthood into the ’empty nest’ stage. From leaving one job or career to moving  into or searching for another position. Or the possibility of moving from a place you have become familiar and comfortable with to relocate somewhere new and unfamiliar. Or even the need to leave a relationship that is no longer providing growth, fidelity or even safety or security without knowing what will happen next. With change we break free from the status quo and have to face the unknown. And with the unknown, there is usually an element of fear which in turn can make us resist this much needed change.  Just know this. This is a necessary change which will bring about growth, fertility, success opportunities and happiness. As with DEATH, this is something we may fear and even resist, but in the end, all we will accomplish by resisting this change, is to waste time and precious resources fighting what in the end is inevitable anyway. Don’t be afraid to cut away all the deadwood that is stealing your life and vitality. If you find yourself finding one thing after another breaking down or going wrong. Feeling like you can’t catch a break no matter how hard you try to fix something. Then, it’s time to let it go, clean the slate so the new can enter, thrive and grow.

Another meaning for this card is transforming ourselves. If we haven’t been living the best versions of ourselves, it’s time to remedy that and transform ourselves into better people. If we have been wearing a mask made up of what we think other people want us to be like, look like, act like and it is hiding our true identity… it’s time to remove that mask. To step into, or Transform ourselves into the true and authentic selves we were meant to be. Stop hiding yourself away or making yourself act small or tough to meet someone else’s needs or expectations. Stop trying to force yourself into someone else’s mold… it’s too small now, It’s well past time to shine your true and unique light into a world in real danger of plunging into darkness due to negligence, false, fake and artificial… EVERYTHING! It’s time for a change! Change your clothes, change your hair, change your job, change your life. But however you decide to change, do it for you. Do it in order to become you. Your true Self, not some sad facsimile someone else has convinced you that you should be. No more ‘should’s!’ Stand up for yourself.  Step out as yourself. The world needs your light,  your quirkiness, your unique beauty, your talents, your skills and your voice. The world needs you. YOU need you. Not the you that you think others want you to be, or the you that you feel you ought to be in order to fit in; but the REAL authentic you. Assert yourself, compassionately but firmly to the world. Be big. Be bold. Be Bright. Unfold those new wings you’ve grown over time and Fly! Go ahead, take flight and fearlessly Be YOU!

Illustrationss for The Good Tarot  by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2017. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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