Knight of Wands

  • Speedy movement, momentum, energy, Travel (especially by land or inland, a change of residence, loves to go FAST, Herald of change for the better coming soon, Things that happen quickly
  • “Let’s GO!!!”, I Can do ANYTHING attitude, “Just DO IT!”
  • Impatient, Risk taker, Hasty, Restless, Quick Tempered
  • Charming, Handsome, Passionate, Adventurous, Lover of change, Young man (woman or someone whom embodies this energetic energy) 25-35 years old, Zodiac Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

This week’s Tarot Blog Post is all about the Knight of Wands is usually a really good card to see in a Tarot Reading. He can herald good changes in events comings soon. He is full of excitement, optimism for the near future and can indicate a trip or travel, usually by land is in the offerings this week. Are you planning  an adventure or vacation this week or visiting somewhere hot or going to go see someone … like a ‘hottie’?!!! Regardless, this person is someone who loves an adventure and is filled with excitement at the thought of doing something they have never tried before, going somewhere they haven’t been before, or even moving into a new place. They just love a change of scenery, change of residence, change of people and places, change of pace… usually a fast pace at that. They just love change in general. They are charming, good looking, the life of the party, and they have so much enthusiasm towards life and everything they do that it is contagious to everyone they come in contact with. They just love a good cause and are good at recruiting others to come along for the ride. They are fun loving and passionate, so expect a good time whenever they are around. They love taking risks just for the fun of it, so you may see them at the racetrack, skydiving, dirt biking, climbing the tallest and most challenging mountain around or skinny dipping in broad daylight just to see if they can get away with it. They know no limits, so they believe they can accomplish ANYTHING, and they are usually right.  Everything they do is done with a flourish and fast pace and they love making grand gestures! This Knight is the one you will see on the big screen at the baseball game proposing to his girl in living color. Singing Karaoke at the Bar and actually nailing every note even better than the recording star does. They drive a fast car and have a glove box full of unpaid speeding tickets because they don’t think rules and regulations apply to them and really, with a wink and a smile, they get away with A LOT!!! They have a devil-may-care attitude and an impish grin that can melt the coldest of hearts. They will sweep you off your feet and make made passionate love to you and leave you breathless. BUT… if you don’t play the game when they want or by their rules or you try to make them play by yours,  you’ll see all that hot passionate energy directed right back at you! They are quick to anger, and are probably the guy at the Bar who gets in a brawl because someone looked at his girlfriend for to long. They will become sulky and sullen if you turn them down for a date or need to work instead of going on one of their wild hair-brained adventures. But before you know it, with their charm and power of persuasion, they’ve talked you into changing the rules to THEIR rules, or they’ve talked you into ditching work, responsibilities or other prior plans to go play. And before you know it they’re all smiles again because life is great and it’s going just the way they planned it… THEIR WAY!!! You find yourself wondering, “How did they do that?!!!” as you’re going 90 miles an hour right past your place of work! Remember, the Knight of Wands is usually a young man, but can be anyone, including yourself. So, you may find that you are feeling invincible, a bit reckless, on top of the World, or like you have super powers and can achieve ANYTHING! You’ll have the power of persuasion, charm, the SUN itself on your side this week. Or you may find yourself on a sudden unplanned road trip or adventure or making love like you were 20 again in the backseat of your car! Whatever happens, it will be fast and exciting because this is the Prince of Fire after all, and he likes to burn hot and fast! So hang on to your hat and get ready for some excitement, because whenever you see this card in your Reading, expect change, movement, expect the unexpected, and expect it fast and furious!

Illustrations for The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood c.2002. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383 USA

 Purple Swan*                                                                                                                                                                                      The face behind Purple Swan Tarot. Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Healing Gemstone Jewelry Designer.

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