THE CHARIOT is our Tarot Card for this week. If it looks a little fierce and scary, that’s because it is! But in this case, it is a good thing.  First off, I will give you THE CHARIOTS traditional meanings; it can mean Willpower, Determination, Drive and Travel. Now to get into it a little deeper. This Tarot Card is a Major Arcana card. Major Arcana cards signify a BIG lesson you are being asked to learn or something BIG that you are going through, and have to get through in order to move forward and out of the current situation. THE CHARIOT rules over the Zodiac sign of Cancer (you can see the symbol of Cancer in the bottom right hand corner of the card in blue that looks like a 69. Cancer is the most ‘watery’ or emotional sign of the whole Zodiac, and all that water/emotions, can get the best of us if we aren’t careful.) In the background you can see a mystical beast, part Wolf and part Boar… pretty fierce and scary creature nipping at our heels! Also in the background we can see a crescent Moon which can signify things that go Boo! or only come out at night.  The Moonscape looks stormy and unsettled. So there we have set up the scene for this card…  eery, scary and fierce! But wait! Let’s get into the mid and foreground of the card. In the middle of the card we see a person standing on a huge brick of concrete (signifing standing fast and firm in the face of fear) that seems to be inside a huge wheeled boat. The person’s arm’s are open wide in a gesture of  “Bring it on, Baby! Is that all you’ve got?!!” They have fire flaring out all around them signifying fiery energy… the energy of Bravery (Great card for Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day! God Bless them all! Talk about having to push through fear in order to move forward!) , Courage, Will and Determination. And it’s flying in the face of the Beast of Fears! In the foreground, we have the Wheeled Boat forcing it’s way through all that choppy, stormy water/emotions. This signifies Traveling as well as forward momentum. Traveling deliberately through your fears and what scares the hell out of you! Facing your fears with Will, Determination, Courage and Bravery, even if you have to fake it and make yourself appear bigger than you truly feel. Speaking of feelings… I really want you to take notice of the water rushing over the concrete block the person is standing on. Notice how it is coming from behind them? From out of the past or from what is unseen? But then once it reaches the person, all that fiery energy applied to the past and those unseen fears, shows they have used their Bravery, Courage, Will & Determination to head right into that storm and face it head on. Thus turning all that scary dark and even unseen stormy water/emotion into liquid Gold! By using Bravery, Will and sheer Determination to travel right into the fray; facing their fears  and not looking back, with Will and Determination… even having to force themselves to push through that fear, they have transformed that very fearful emotion and turned it into something of value (the liquid Gold). By facing our fears head on we gain control of them.  Then we can use that power the fear used to have over us and turn it into something we can use to take control over it. That fiery energy  we need to give us Bravery,  Courage, Motivation and Self-Esteem in order to travel through our Journey and lives with Confidence and Fearlessness. If you find that fear is holding you back, use the power of THE CHARIOT to move you forward and right through those fears. Become THE CHARIOT!!!

****Personal Theme song of mine for when I find myself consumed by fear and I heartily hope you look it up and play it when fear has you in it’s grip:  ” IF YOU’RE GOING THROUGH HELL”  by Rodney Atkins 

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Illustrations from the Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl, text accompanying deck by Rachel Pollack c.1990, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c.1990 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Haindl Tarot Deck is a registered Trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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