Ten Card Tarot Reading


The Ten Card Celtic Cross is a very detailed and complex reading. It offers information on the happenings in past, present, future, what is possible currently on the path you are traveling, what you are aware of consciously and also unconsciously. It can tell you what is at the root of the issue and possibly things that even you yourself are unaware of because they are deep in your subconscious. It can tell you how you are feeling about the issue or the atmosphere surrounding you. It can give you advice, tell you how others and your environment influence the issue, as well as your hopes and fears that may be an influence on the outcome, and ultimately; the outcome of the issue if you follow the path and advice given within the reading. This reading offers the most detailed look at your issue and  can give you the most information and illumination of the issue in such a way as to transform your issue and possibly your life.

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