Three Card Tarot Reading

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The Three Card Tarot Reading is my most popular reading. It can give you a birds eye view of your issue, while really digging deep into the causes, directions available, even the path forward. There is so much information possible in this  spread at a really great value too.

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2 reviews for Three Card Tarot Reading

  1. Michelle Sebly (verified owner)

    I love Purple Tarot’s 3 Card Reading.

    When I have a simpler question or issue that I want to look at, it is the ideal medium between a 1 card reading and one of the larger ones.

    Purple Swan delivers an incredibly detailed and thoughtful reading, worth much more than her asking price!

  2. Michelle Danelle S.

    I received a 1 card reading last month that literally brought my attention to a dangerous situation and empowered me to alert it!

    I had a tight budget that week so only was able to afford the 1 card reading, if the 1 card reading hadn’t existed I would have had to wait and it may have been too late.

    Purple Swan was immensely helpful even just with 1 card! She not only gave me the info I needed for that situation, but it helped me clear and resolve another one at the same time.

    Love the range of pricing Purple Swan offers!!!!!!
    Fast turn around time too!

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