This week for the Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post Reading, you will be picking one of the Cards in the picture below for your Oracle Reading.

No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1, 2, or 3 from the cards above. AFTER you have chosen your Card from the three shown face down above…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.













Card 1.

Time to Move On

“It’s time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in.”

By drawing this card, you’re alerted to the fact that you need to make room for the new by letting go of the old. First,  let go emotionally and intellectually. In other words, “quit” or “say goodbye” in your mind and heart.
Once you do this, the physical letting go will happen naturally, in a peaceful and harmonious way. Ask Heaven to help you make this transition, and don’t plan, scheme, or worry about how your letting go (or replacement) will occur. Put all of your energy into prayer and faith, and leave the rest up to Infinite Spirit. You’ll get definite guidance whenever it’s the right moment to take action. Until then, stay lovingly detached from your old situation.

Card 2.

Contemplation Time

  “Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.”           

This card indicates that you need some alone time. Make a firm appointment to be by yourself in a quiet place (ideally, outside in nature or near some plants) without delay. Make sure that you’ll be uninterrupted for at least one hour. Take a pad of paper and a pen with you.                                               Then, spend some time simply breathing, relaxing, and centering yourself. After you’re completely relaxed, write down this question to your subconscious mind on your pad of paper: “What do I want to do next?” Write whatever comes to you in response, without worrying whether it’s “correct” or not. Then, ask your subconscious: “What’s my heart’s true desire right now?” Write down the answer. Spend some time noting your true priorities so that you’ll know how to structure your free time to match what’s important to you.

Card 3.

Ready, Set, Go!

“Now is the perfect moment to dive in and embrace your heart’s desire.                       

Even though you might not feel entirely ready, this card says that there’s no better time than the present to dive into your future. You’re advised to take both big and small steps to move in the direction of your dreams.                                       Push aside everything unrelated to your life’s mission. Adjust your schedule so that the bulk of your time relates to your priorities and goals. Delegate tasks to other people, or hire someone to assist you. Your responsibilities will still be met, you’ll be happier, you’ll enjoy greater self-esteem, and you’ll attract more abundance in the long run – if you jump in and follow your heart.

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards  by Doreen Virtue, c. 2003. Published and Distributed in the United States by: Hay House, Inc.Artwork: Time to Move On by, Jonathon Earl Bowser. Contemplation Time by, Tracey Corinne. Ready, Set, Go! by: Mishell Swartwout


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