This week for the Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post Reading, you will be picking one of the Cards in the picture below for your Oracle Reading.

No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1, 2, or 3. After you have chosen your Card…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.














Card 1.


~ A message from the stars~

Your life is always held in perfect equilibrium by the divine natural order that exists within all creation. Believing that you have somehow failed or made the wrong decision or choice is simply an illusion. There is nothing you need to change or fix in your life, apart from your sometimes unbalanced perceptions – mainly your self-criticism. Know that you are always blessed. Start to accept all of who you are, as you are, and you will see your life magically and lovingly transform. All is in perfect divine order.

From a spiritual perspective, there are no mistakes in life. Every experience is a lesson in love and wisdom.

Card 2.

clear quartz




~Infinite possibilities~ 

Clear Quartz crystals can be programmed with whatever qualities you desire, for just like you, this crystal is full of infinite possibilities.

This card is asking you to reflect on all that you would love to have and to achieve in life. Make a list, and then mentally infuse this card (or alternatively, a real Clear Quartz crystal) with all the qualities and things you wish to manifest. Carry this card or crystal with you – keep it close to your heart and mentally envisage your life as you would love it to be. Set realistic goals for yourself and repeat this ritual daily until your goals are reached, then set new goals. Remember – all is possible if you believe it. Just make sure it is truly what your heart desires.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Card 3.








This wonderful crystal offers you protection and healing. It will help dissolve the sadness you have recently experienced as well as calm your thoughts and ease any anxiety. Carnelian will also help you to express your emotions and stimulate your creativity.

You are encouraged to take up a creative pursuit or hobby at this time. Start to express yourself in whatever way you choose – without judgement. Working with color will be especially helpful at the moment, for color can also help to stabilize and heal your emotions.

Over the coming days, you will begin to feel a renewed sense of peace, joy, and wonderment for life. Give thanks for the wondrous blessing you are receiving.

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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