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~Value              ~Confidence                ~Self-worth             ~Money                     ~Wealth

This gold card is a symbolic reflection of your true inner worth. At the core of your being there exists a pure golden essence with an infinite capacity to create!

You are being urged to look within, to go beyond the superficial personality and connect through contemplation and meditation with your true nature. There is a yearning within you to manifest all your hearts desires. At the top of the list you will discover a yearning for financial wealth and freedom, and for the self-confidence that money can bring. Do not delude yourself that somehow money is bad or that it does not align with your spiritual ideals. Money is just as much a part of  God’s creation as we are. In actuality, it is neither good nor bad, rather, it is something to be valued and put to good use.

Sit quietly for a few minutes each day and lovingly imagine yourself having and achieving all your heart desires. Then, set a goal – one that you feel is achievable in the short term. Focus on it each day until it manifests. Then set a new goal, and so on. Goals are reached one step at a time; an ongoing journey you take. Set clear goals, yet remember to always keep focused on the present, for it is in the present that all unfolds.

You deserve to be and have all your heart desires.


Within my heart flows a river of gold. Iam one with the eternal light of creation. I manifest my dreams. I create Abundance in my life through love.


 ~Fertility              ~Reflection               ~Intuition                     ~Imagination                ~Goddess energy           ~Amplified feelings             

During the appearance of the next full moon your emotions and fears will be amplified and you will at times think you are going crazy, however, keep your calm for this condition will only last a few days. During this time you will find yourself reflecting on your life, both past and present. You will gain deep insights as to the nature of true happiness and begin to reassess your priorities. After the full moon, a fertile period in your life begins, full of many exciting challenges and changes. Many new and rewarding friendships will be formed as you embark on new and creative ventures. This is all the result of the reflective light of the moon, so give thanks to her for her wisdom.

Embrace the blessings coming your way!


~Spirituality          ~Positive Transformation     ~Mediation                    

You are being urged to embrace your shadow side. Take an inventory of all those aspects of yourself that you are afraid to show the world because you perceive them to be bad or inadequate. Meditate on these qualities. Acknowledge them, see how they serve both you and others, then love them and bring them into your heart. When you realise that every aspect of you serves a purpose, there will be no need to deny half of who you are. Just be yourself and understand that there is nothing in your life to fix. There are simply aspects of yourself yearning to be embraced and loved.

This is a time of profound change – a time of positive transformation which will have a lasting impact on every area of your life, and to some degree, on those around you..

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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