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jasper red

~Nurture                    ~Care                    ~Protection            ~Energy flow           ~Life force

You may soon find yourself drawn into a situation in which you feel compelled to care for and protect someone who is in need of help. This may be a person or a pet that has recently suffered some kind of trauma and is suffering from anxiety or depression. Your love and attention will help them heal and simultaneously you will subconsciously heal an aspect of yourself that is also yearning to be nurtured. You will heal an emotional trauma you experienced in the past, possibly in your childhood, or it may even stem from a past life. There is no need to recollect the past or try to figure anything out. Remember that we each mirror one another and self-healing automatically occurs when we care for another’s needs.

Trust in the healing power of love.



 ~Change             ~Creativity              ~Sexuality                 A new phase in your life is just around the corner. Creative possibilities surface from a chance encounter with someone new. This encounter stimulates inspiration, passion and a greater optimism for life. Your sexual energy is also on the rise and this draws new people and circumstances into your life that you will find exciting and stimulating. Wonderful changes are in store for you, yet you are also being warned to be cautious. Appearances can often be deceiving, so look for inner beauty and truth before you allow yourself to be swept off your feet.



~Preservation         ~Duality                     ~Psychic awareness           Your powers of perception are strong at present and you will experience a heightened of others’ thoughts and intuitively understand their motives and actions.

By drawing this card you are being encouraged to follow your feelings and instincts. Rely on your intuition rather than on what others say – follow your gut feeling, for in doing so you will preserve the integrity of a project or situation which is dear to your heart. In this instance, you are being encouraged not to listen to the conflicting opinions of others; listen instead to the guidance which stems from your own soul and all will work out well.

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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