Three of Tines

This week we have drawn the Three of Tines for our Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card. This card in other more traditional Tarot decks is called the Three of Wands or Rods. In the Three of Tines, we are introduced to the concept of 1 + 2  = 3, growth, advancement, pushing the borders of your comfort zone, expansion,  the entrepreneur,  partnership, creation, advice and support. This moves us right along in the suit of Tines. In the Ace, it was a call to wake up and start fresh with new ideas coming from a spirit (and literally from Spirit, or intuition if you prefer to call it that) of enthusiasm and drive which provided us with a new sense of passion for life. Then, presuming we all took that spark, idea or energy and advanced it further (which would have brought us to the Two of Tines), we then made a plan or blueprint (mentally or actually wrote it down) of what we want to do with that idea, spark or energy. That brings us to this weeks card… the Three of Tines.

With the Three of Tines, you begin to look for or search out opportunities and support that will actually move your ideas and plans further towards its actual creation. You look around from where you are now and begin to see that there are opportunities that you hadn’t even considered before that could advance you/your idea or plan further. And perhaps, something outside of where you currently are now comes to your attention that you wouldn’t even had considered before. It’s possible that you are being nudged by the Universe to step outside your comfort zone and look for, take notice of or accept something or someone totally new and outside of your usual  box of 8 crayons, as my husband is known to say! (He says there are only 8 colors in his box of crayons (symbolizing he thinks Rationally, in black & white, facts & statistics, right or wrong answers),while I have the BIG box of crayons which holds his 8 colors as well as every color in between and then some (meaning, I think in terms of infinite; where there are unlimited possibilities, shades of gray and every other color, and no definite right or wrong answers; which he at times finds totally unnecessary  and maddening! LOL) .

The Three of Tines is also about how we all start out as an individual, then we become a couple or add a concrete plan by putting it down on paper. Then, in the Three of Tines, we add to those two influences by creating something totally new from them. Adding and expanding yet again by creating a  child or adopting a child or animal to become a family.  This can also mean we start with an idea, concept, conception. Then we make a plan, prototype, fetus, application, manuscript, drawing, rough draft or blueprint of how we want it to turn out; then in the Three of Tines we look for opportunities and/or support in order to take action to implement our plan and we make a new creation.  In business, we had an idea, then we made a game plan on what it would look like and how we could get there, and then in the Three of Tines, we look for opportunities to advance our idea and implement our plan and we then create our product or business and bring it into the world. We also find support,  sponsorship or an advisor to help us advance and succeed. This could come in the form of spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, legal or the advice of someone whom has succeeded in doing what you are trying to do now…. someone who has been there, done that and can support and help you get there too. They know the steps to take to get you where you want to go. But you have to be aware, since this advisor or backer is already where you want to be, they can unintentionally compete with us or take over and act like ‘The Boss’.  That was not in the original plans in the first place, so be sure you stay in control of your ‘baby’.

The Three of Wands can also suggest that your idea may have included the thought that you would like to travel overseas. Or that to find the kind of success or support you are looking for, it may be necessary to look, send or go overseas or to look outside the box box or comfort zone to find or accept an opportunity that may lead to the success you want… even if just the thought of it makes you uneasy or afraid. You may need to face your fears and doubts head on in order to succeed or create the life, project, product or creation you want. Here there is also a time of gestation, of  waiting to see what our efforts will produce.  During this time  we can continue to accept opportunities or create even more growth while we “wait for our ships to come in” so to speak.  The theme is: we are in the process of creation or creating what we desire. So this week, look around for opportunities and support needed to actually create or advance your ideas, plans, business, project, your family or life.  This card often means creating something you will be caring for or handling on your own. This could be becoming a single parent, starting your own business, writing a book, or becoming an entrepreneur. But even though you intend to keep this as your baby, you will need a supporting cast. A partner  or agency if you want to create or acquire a new family member. An editor and publisher if you plan on writing a book. A financial backer or manufacturer if you are creating a product. Or an advisor or personal support in any venture or change you want to implement in your life. So be prepared to enlist help if you want to grow and succeed in life.    You had an idea or spark, then you made a plan or blueprint of your idea or intentions, and now you are being asked to set out to create it. It’s all about creation and creating what you want in your life and the added support necessary to make it a reality. So don’t be afraid to enlist or ask the help and assistance of others or to  go out and create whatever it is that you want in life. An idea is just a dream until you take action to make it a reality. Make it happen!!!!

Illustration by Renee Christine Yates, from Faery Wicca Tarot,by Kisma Stepanich, C. 1999, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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