This week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card is The SUN. What a great card to start the month of March as well as the week with. When we think of the Sun, we feel warm, relaxed, sensual, excited and revitalized! Good things happen under the warmth of the Sun. The SUN represents warm temperatures, sunny vacations, sandy beaches, playfulness and the feeling of freedom and liberty from worries and cares. It brings back the feelings we had in our youth during summer break. Being carefree, young, beautiful, footloose and fancy free. When we feel the warmth of the SUN touch our skin, it brings a sensual essence with it that gives us liberation from our inhibitions and a stirring desire for love. Our relationships seem better and more fulfilling, our body feels healthy and full of sensual vigor, and our mind is free to daydream for hours on end. The heat of the SUN fills us with a renewed sense of power on a very personal level that makes us feel we can accomplish anything and everything. We want to be outside moving our bodies, planting and nurturing our creations, exploring, growing and playing like we are kids again.  It really doesn’t even matter what the weather is doing, this is all about that sunny feeling and energy!

This is the energy of the SUN that we can look forward to experiencing this week! Sounds great doesn’t it? There is a bit of a warning when we see this card though… stay exposed too long in the extreme heat of the SUN, and you might get burned! So although you can indulge in the energy and sultriness of the SUN for awhile, don’t throw all your caution to the wind, spend all your money during your vacation or give in to a forbidden lover.  If you go to extremes while having fun under the influence of the SUN., you may feel the sting of it’s rays when you have to face the consequences of you actions when the SUN goes down! You can look forward to good times and circumstances, good health and vitality, great relations in your marriage, warm or sensual feelings, good relationships of all kinds and a warm comfortable atmosphere at home or on vacation. Freedom, liberation of cares and worries, a free spirit and mind. Youthfulness, playfulness, carefree and creative energy, growth and beauty and maybe a vacation is in store for you this week. However the SUN manifests for you this week, you can expect to be optimistic, enthusiastic and downright happy basking in the warmth of the SUN. Peace, freedom, health, youthful vigor, growth, playfulness and sensuality fills our energy fields this week, so go have some fun! Enjoy!!!

Illustrationss for The Good Tarot by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2017. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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