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Card #1: THE SITUATION: PRINCESS of STAVES: The Princess of Staves as a situation is signifying that you or someone you’ll encounter this week is likely to receive a message having to do with a project, career, move or something you/they are passionate or excited about. This message may be of a sudden or unexpected nature and may come in the form of an email, text message, letter by snail mail, a phone call or just be received in a good ol’ face to face conversation. Whatever the message, it will be good news or inform  you/them of an opportunity of some kind. This Princess can also indicate you or they will either be young, young at heart or someone whom acts immature. They are full of energy, optimistic, driven, and enthusiastic for change or adventure. They are intense and focused, and at times may seem to others a little strange. They can be bursting at the seams with excitement because they have all sorts of ideas, information, beliefs or pet projects they are passionate about and want to share with anyone in their vicinity.  They may talk a blue streak, a mile a minute, never take a breath, interrupt or not allow others to get a word in edge wise. They want to shout their news from the roof tops and  be so excited to tell someone that they don’t wait to find someone who is  interested in hearing the news they have to tell. So their message may fall on deaf ears or be ignored because they just couldn’t settle down long enough to tell the people who would actually be interested in what they have to say. This could lead to a state of dejection, being dismissed as silly or feeling rejected, unheard or unimportant. They may have trouble sitting still or staying in the same place for long, so they move around a lot and others may think of them as scatterbrains or unstable. They can be seen as temperamental, stubborn, close minded or unrealistic. On the flip side, if their message is delivered to someone of like mind, they are taken as enthusiastic, optimistic, a breathe of fresh air, a joy to be around and someone you want on your team because they are so lively, intense and passionate about whatever it is they believe in.

CARD #2: CHALLENGE  : OPENING MY MIND: “I allow myself to see beyond my own beliefs and ideas.” When your mind opens, you are no longer limited by fearful beliefs or at odds with your own healing journey. With an open mind, you are aware of a bigger cosmic picture, where your personal life ushers in your highest potential by uplifting the consciousness of humanity. As your mind opens, life is not just centered around your personal gains and losses but shining your light for the well-being of all, wherever you happen to be. This mantra is ideal for: ending the inner negotiation with ego, unraveling self-sabotage, and confronting the inevitability of loss.

In SUMMARY: It’s possible that you may be so amour-ed with your own beliefs, ideas and passions that you become closed off to opportunities for growth, others or are giving off the wrong vibes. This is a form of self-defeatism or self-sabotage because you narrow your point of view so much that you appear hostile and unapproachable or you just can’t see the bigger picture that is right in front of you! By doing this, you in turn can become either ego-eccentric and self-important or withdrawn and small. By opening your mind to other people, opportunities and possibilities… you can then see the bigger picture and enlist the help of others to carry out the bigger plan for the betterment of all. Embrace an energy of teamwork so that it allows everyone the ability to stand in there own bright light. So open up and let the sunshine in! Shine, baby shine!

 The  Goddess  Tarot   by Kris Waldherr c. 1997. Published and distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA

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