For this week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post we will Pick one of the Cards in the picture below for your Oracle Reading of the week.

No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1, 2, or 3. After you have chosen your Card…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.







~Self-confidence     ~Creativity                ~Expanding awareness 

Believe in yourself, for you have the ability to materialize your dreams!

Throughout the coming months you will begin to expand your horizons and explore new possibilities for your life. You will realize that all you need, in order to manifest your dreams is self-confidence. Believe in yourself and do not let anything stand in your way! Even if you are rejected, do not give up, for even rejection can serve to strengthen your resolve and character, provided you are ready for it. Expect it and see it as something you can learn from. Success is guaranteed provided you remain focused and confident.

See every experience as an opportunity to learn.


 ~Speaking one’s truth                ~Clear communication       ~Purification            Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. A situation that is causing you concern can easily be resolved by simply expressing how you truly feel. You will not hurt or upset anyone by speaking your truth. In fact, speaking your truth has the opposite effect to what you think. By communicating your feelings and preferences clearly and honestly all concerned will be relieved. At present, others are rather confused because they sense that all is not the way you are purporting it to be.

This magical Turquoise crystal will help you ease any fear you have regarding clear and true communication with either yourself or others.



~Resolution        ~Stress reduction   ~Potential          ~New possibilities

An ongoing problem or dilemma will soon be resolved in an unexpected way. As a consequence, your stress levels and anxiety will decrease. Through this, exciting new pathways open for you and you discover new possibilities for your life. As this current situation is resolved you will simultaneously and subconsciously let go of a past regret or guilt that has only served to sabotage the creative possibilities that have been available for you for quite some time. It is time for you to shine!

Open your heart and you’ll see the unlimited potential that resides within you.      

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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