Expecting Miracles

“Miracles are blossoming in my life.”

The Meaning of the Card: Majestic wonders are unfolding for you, even as you read this. Watch for them and embrace them. The more you become aware of the small marvels in your life, the more they will grow in magnitude around you.

The Universe Wants You to Know: What is expected tends to be realized. Expect miracles in your life. Celebrate and cherish these when they appear, no matter how small they may seem. Let go of fear and expectations, allow the Creator to solve your challenges in mysterious and wondrous ways. Don’t limit the ways in which you think miracles can appear in your life. Know that YOU can be the miracle in the life of another.

Questions to Ask Yourself: How can I be even more open to miracles blossoming in my life? What are the miracles that are occurring now or are coming in the future? How am I a miracle for others?

Illustrations by Jesse Reisch for the Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn c. 2012. Published by Hay House, Inc.

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