The card chosen for this week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post #89 is; Blue Lace Agate. It’s essential meaning is: Peaceful acceptance, stress-free nonattachment, freedom from unnecessary dramas. Blue Lace Agate encourages you to relax and go with the flow. It opens the throat chakra and assists in clear yet gentle communication. Meditation with this stone can assist in slowing thought, clearing the mind, and connecting with angels and guides.

Although crystals seem solid and permanent, all things on this earth change over time, even the minerals and the rocks, Transformation can be slow and nearly imperceptible, but we are always changing. Our lives flow like a river, slowly or quickly but always in motion – and that’s a good thing. The appearance of Blue Lace Agate Spirit calls for you to embrace the possibility of change without stress.

You are not too old, too late, too stuck in your ways, too anything. You are enough, and you will have help as you dare to be different and step into a new destiny, finding your purpose with peace in your heart instead of living according to the old patterns probably created long before you even thought about your habits and belief systems. Why hold onto a past that causes you stress and anxiety? It’s already changing anyway! Impermanence is the nature of everything, and the Conscious Universe has so many ideas for how to help you be fulfilled, balanced and joyful.

Illustrations for The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2019. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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