For this week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post, Pick one of the Cards in the picture below for your Oracle Reading of the week.

               No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1, 2, or 3. After you have chosen your Card…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.






“LOVE doesn’t have to mean near.”

Some are better loved at a distance. For a while, anyway. And that’s ok.

Besides , love doesn’t really know the difference.

“YOU were born with that “it” quality.”

Do you want to know what’s really beautiful? Persistence.

Do you want to know what’s really sexy? (Please, I know about Sexy.) Not needing to be needed.

And if still “they” don’t notice your good looks, your strength, and your  sashay. . . could you feel more sorry for them?

“LOVE is the Reason.”

Each person in your life is there for a reason,

and that reason always has something to do with love.

 Notes from the Universe on Love & Connection Deck Illustrations by Bryn Starr Best, Authored by Mike Dooley c. 2018 . Published & distributed  by Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100 U.S.A.


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