This week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card is, the Ace of Cups. The Ace of Cups is a card of new beginnings and awakenings in the realm of the emotions and psychic gifts. It heralds a new phase or cycle in your life which will awaken new feelings, creativity, emotional issues or psychic stirrings. You could be involved with or enlisting the help of an artistic/studious child or news of expecting  or concerning the birth of a child or creative endeavor this week.

You may be involved with, teaching, caring for or inviting a child, new psychic awareness or an artistic project into your life this week. A creative and/or studious young person may offer to help you out in some way this week. You may experience new feelings, emotions, a birth, a creative or psychic awakening that will bring out into the open, things that have been dormant in you for a very long time. You may awaken, learn or develop your minds ‘eye’ so you will be able to ‘see’ the unseen or ‘know’ the unknowable. This could be experienced joyfully or on the other hand, it could make you feel a bit uneasy. You will be using your intuition more this week than you have in recent memory and may find yourself seeking to develop this gift more so that it may be available to aid you in your day-to-day life. This card also speaks of new feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation which will result in feelings of fulfillment, youthfulness and glee. In this card, we experience new love in it’s many different forms, but the result is always the same. We experience such emotional joy that our cup is overflowing with emotional bliss and love. Our emotional and creative lives are nourished and brought to life again and we feel grateful, renewed and refreshed. This is a very good card to see because it offers us emotional, creative, psychic and intuitive rebirth or literally the birth of someone or something in our lives that will be very emotionally fulfilling. The Ace of Cups signifies a new phase in our lives that will bring with it joy, gratitude and emotional inspiration. Our cup will runneth over with love!


Illustration by Ciro Marchetti, from the Gilded Tarot Royale, by Barbara Moore, C. 2020, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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