• Psychic awakening
  • Dreams & things that happen in the shadows, at night or in the dark
  • Intuition & the Imagination
  • Deep revelation of feminine mysteries
  • Withdrawal,
  • Facing fears
  • Serenity & Tranquility

THE MOON is the card of the Psychic, the Gypsy, the Fortune-teller. It is the card of the mysterious Goddess of the night. The animus and primal in us, the beast or baser instincts within us all. It is also the card of the powerful feminine energy. The cycles in us and the Earth. Mother Nature’s cycles, menstrual cycles, gestational cycles, seasonal cycles, the cycles of the MOON herself, the tide cycles, as well as rites of passage cycles such as aging… the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.  THE MOON is the sacred feminine. THE MOON is the mysterious female. THE MOON is woman.  On the next full Moon, look at her with your eyes and heart wide open. See her. Really see HER in all her beauty! Her face is full, her lips lush and sensual, her cheeks high and proud and strong. When you aren’t afraid to truly look at her, you can see THE MOON is NOT ‘The Man in the Moon’ at all; but your sacred feminine whom illuminates what lies in the darkest corners of our souls, asking us to see it, recognize it and accept it, and not be afraid!!! She is soft, she is nurturing, she is tranquil, serene and as soothing as a lullaby.

THE MOON is all about delving into the unconscious. Digging into our shadow sides and our issues that we have buried deep from the light of our consciousness. This card deals with things that happen at night, in the shadows or in the dark. It shows our loco, primal or crazy side. With THE MOON, we are faced with the scary things we only bring into conscious awareness when the lights are out. Our fears, our demons, our monsters under the bed.  These things crawl out of the abyss of our subconscious and into our awareness as a feeling in the pit of our stomach and won’t let us sleep. If sleep does come, our dreams pick up where our consciousness left off and this is where nightmares are made. But it also has that soulful side of our shadow that I mentioned before. Where we can bring out the ‘real us’ that we don’t let others see for fear they would think us odd, uncivilized or plain loco. It is the side of us that some might consider illogical, irrational, spooky or even downright evil. Not because it is truly evil, but because it isn’t readily acceptable in the light of day or in Western culture. It is our intuition, our gut feelings, our dreams and how we ‘just know’ things without knowing why. These abilities are mysterious to most and often times feared. At times, they even scare ourselves because we feel they come from some other worldly source that we shouldn’t be communicating with. A source unseen that causes fear and a sense of uneasiness in the majority of us. But she is also responsible for our soft, nurturing even, ‘Motherly’ side. Think of an image of a sleeping baby with it’s Mother gazing lovingly down on her sweet babe. The babe knows it is safe and protected with it’s Mother close by. This is also the nature of The Moon. She is both Light and Dark. She can light our way on the darkest of nights and give us safe passage over rough terrain. She is strong and ferocious, yet she is soft and kind. She is the feminine, she is woman in all her phases and wearing all her faces.

    Illustrationss for The Good Tarot by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2017. Published by Hay House, Inc.


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