Initiation is most often called THE TOWER in more traditional Tarot decks. When we think of initiations, we often think of having to walk through fire or some type of unpleasantness before we are presented with the reward. This card means just that. It indicates a sudden, unexpected and oftentimes, initially unwelcome event change or happening. But, it can also be a moment of sudden inspiration or enlightenment. An “ah-ha” moment where everything suddenly becomes clear after a time of confusion or searching.

This card indicates things that come or happen ‘out of the blue’. “Didn’t see that coming”. “you could have knocked me over with a feather!” Or, “Oh, now I get it!” Sometimes the things that come with this card can be the catalyst for change that you needed but weren’t willing to do on your own so the universe did it for you. This is some sudden major and unexpected change, event, ending or seeming accident. It rocks your world and puts an end to something that you should have put an end to yourself, but you just felt you couldn’t for one reason or another. Your partner of 5 years suddenly ends your relationship when they admit they have been seeing someone else for 4 of those five years, leaving you open to meet your soulmate who has lived just 5 blocks from your house. Your car that has become a money pit is stolen and found totaled, but your insurance more than covers the cost so you can pay off the old one with money left over to buy a more reliable model. You are suddenly and unexpectedly let go from the job you hated but felt you had to take due to low finances, but now you are free to accept that job you really wanted that has become available but wasn’t at the time you needed work.These initially seem like disasters. But in reality, these catastrophic sudden happenings are blessings in disguise. Why? Because they put an end to whatever isn’t serving you anymore and make an opening in your life for what IS best for you when you can’t do it for yourself. 

Now, on the more positive note of this card! Sometimes surprises are good! You have run out of money and relief is nowhere in sight, then ‘out of the blue’… Wa-La!!! A penny from heaven just falls into your hand. You find a crumpled up $50 in the pocket of the jeans you just washed or you get an inheritance from a long lost relative you’ve never even met. You’ve been searching for love and it walks right in your door when you weren’t expecting it and had given up. You were looking for answers and they fell right into your lap! This is also the energy of this card. So even when all seems bleak and like there aren’t any answers or way out of a bad situation and life is against you,… don’t despair. Every cloud has a silver lining and your path forward is about to or has just been revealed. Good things are coming your way after a period of darkness and running into dead ends. Everything has a reason… even if you can’t or couldn’t see it just yet!

Illustrations by Paul Mason, book on this deck written by Anna Franklin from the Sacred Circle tarot, c.1998. Published by Llewellyn Worldwide, St. Paul MN 55164-0283 USA.

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