Queen of Wands


Self-Confident~Follows her  instincts, hunches & gut rections~

Planter of ideas~Supporter~ Magnetic~Dynamic~

The Boss Lady~


Fierce Protector of who & what she loves~Sexual~Inspiring~Fiery~Growth seeking /giving~

Career Woman~

Business Owner~


Female Entrepreneur~

Self-Contained Power-house, Energetic~Self-Starter~

Womanly power & Mystic~

Think Lioness (see the Black Cat? Her power and knowledge come from a mysterious source or is other worldly)

Can be a Country Woman~

She’s HOT and makes no apologizes for it, she owns it!

Illustration from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne c. 2013 Copyright  Lo Scarabeo Publishers. Lo Scarabeo Via Cigna 110 – 10155 Torino, Italy  



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This weeks Tarot Blog Post card is The Queen of Wands.  She is magnetic, theatrical, dramatic and sexually alluring. Look at the symbolism in this card. Sunflowers means growth. The Wand means Power. The Crown means Authority. The Black Cat means Support as well as Mystique and other worldly knowledge, even Feline Prowness, Power & the ability to see the invisible & know what is hidden in a person or a situation. She is instinctive. The colors in the cards shed additional meaning. Gold shows her Regalness and Authority. Touches of Red show her passionate nature. Black shows her Mysterious Mystique and ability to see into other worlds. Brown her nourishing and supportive aspects. Orange shows her courage, fire,  self-confidence, creativity and sexuality. Yellow shows her intuition, her sunny, energetic disposition. Green shows she not only rules with her intuition and gut feelings, but with her heart.But notice that she just barely has hints of blue (in the sleeves of her dress) because this Queen is not ruled by her emotions… that realm belongs to the Queen of Cups. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve. This Queen is all about Power.  When she enters a room she commands the attention of all present, whether she speaks a word or not! Her very presence fills a room and she enchants anyone who makes contact with her. She is Self-confident and uses her instincts and intuition to make decisions rather than relying purely on logic. She is a career woman and self-assurance is her middle name. She loves being in the limelight and can become rather pouty or downright mean if she feels someone is stealing her thunder! She is both sides of the feminine; the encouraging, giving, caretaker, but if you cross her or those under her care in any way, she can tear you a new one (if you catch my drift)! She is the embodiment of the Female Boss Lady (Think of the Movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ starring Meryl Streep). Her theme songs would be Hele Redy’s ‘I am Woman’ & Shania Twain’s ‘Every Woman’. She is Kali in the Disney movie Moana and in the tales of many Cultures. She is the feminine power of the element Fire. If she takes you under her wing, she will do everything in her power to make sure you succeed. She signifies growth, creation, ideas, instinct, creativity, confidence and sexual allure. This week you will either meet someone that embodies this woman’s qualities, or you will embody these qualities yourself. So if you meet this woman or find yourself interacting with her, be sure you stay on her good side, as she can make good things happen for you. If you get on her bad side, she can and will make life miserable for you. If this card indicates YOU, you are owning your own power, being authentic,  feeling confident, creative and in control of yourself,  the situation and all those around you. 
You can create success for yourself and/or for those you hold dear. This can be a female (usually), but can indicate the feminine side of a male just as easily. Everyone has both male  and female energies within them. This card bodes well in ones career or if you are a Domestic Goddess whom makes a home, a home. She creates a welcoming space in her home and makes it warm and welcoming. All in all a very good card if you are seeking confidence and creativity in any career, environment or situation… as long as you don’t cross her, or if it’s you, no one should cross you!

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