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Card #1: THE SITUATION: FIVE of SWORDS: With the Five of Swords, we see two things happening. The first thing is there may be a situation where someone is experiencing heartbreak, rejection, ridicule, embarrassment or humiliation. This could be something small, such as negotiations falling apart. Ideas not beings heard. No one is listening because people are pushing their own agenda and everyone is talking at once. Or abuse is happening (usually mental abuse) or abuse of power. Someone is making others feel small or invisible, belittling another. Someone has been rejected or humiliated, while the person doing this just laughs at their own antics. Bullying. Degradation or taking credit for anothers’ work. Stealing someone’s thunder in order to stay the center of attention and remain in the limelight. This could also indicate having ones heart broken by something someone did or said. You could be the one done wrong to or you could be the wrong doer. Carelessly hurting others in order to look big and now you are the one suffering a fall from grace. The second situation you may encounter is the need to make a decision concerning what to do about the the situation(s) indicated in the fore mentioned scenarios.

CARD #2: ADVICE: QUEEN of CUPS: The Queen of Cups is advising you to go inside yourself for answers. Use your intuition, gut, hunches, intuition and feelings in order to deal with the situation at hand. Try a little kindness and understanding in dealing with this situation or person(s) by sensing what is making them act out this way.  Usually you will find that they themselves were treated this way in the past and they are acting out of insecurity and hurt feelings themselves. This is not an excuse of course, but it may be the reason behind there actions. It may be in your best interest to walk away. Put some distance between you and leave it/them behind you. Then pick up the pieces and see what you can make from them like the Phoenix.  Or instead, let this infraction go this time and just turn the other cheek. This is especially true if you are the one receiving this kind of treatment. Be the bigger person here. If on the other hand, you are the one doing the hurting, know that your actions will come back to bite you. You will suffer a fall from grace in the eyes of the very person(s) you may have been trying to impress. This could be someone you were trying to get the attention of, or even worse, you may be falling from your position of grace in your own eyes by suffering shame and/or a guilty conscious over your wrong doing.  Now you must listen to your heart. Fess up to what you did. Come clean. Offer an apology to the person(s) you wronged and hope they forgive you. You might even put yourself in their position by ‘walking a mile in their shoes.’ By doing this, you regain your position, while at the same time, getting the attention and praise you were striving for in the first place. It is much more efficient to use kindness, compassion and understanding in order to obtain your goal from the very start. “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”  as the old saying goes. If you find you need to make a decision as to what to do in order to remedy this situation, whether you are the wrong doer or the person done wrong to; The Queen of Cups always tell you to follow your heart. Go with your gut, hunches and feelings. But use your head before you react. Go inside yourself  in order to find calmness, protection and answers. Only  then, from a position of calm, cool and collecteness can you follow your hearts council. Your heart will not lead you wrong in this situation, so go ahead and let your heart do the talking and the decision making. Acting with compassion, understanding and kindness will never steer you wrong.

In SUMMARY: When you find yourself dealing with hostility, rejection, humiliation, abuse, dismissed, belittled, made to feel invisible or taken advantage of… whether you are the one dishing it out or the one being done to; The Queen of Cups is advising you to go inside yourself for answers. Listen to yourself as well as to others. Put yourself in the other guys position in order to understand what made them act the way they did. Use your gut reaction, hunches, intuition and feelings in order to deal with the situation at hand. Try a little kindness, compassion and understanding in dealing with this situation and/or person(s) before deciding what to do about it. Let your heart show you the way and you won’t go wrong. Stop,  listen and feel before you react. Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry or accept an honest apology. It’s easier to forgive or be forgiven if you are being sincere.

The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. c. 1997. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.,  Stamford, CT 06902 USA   * Click on the name of the deck to purchase.

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