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No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1 (top left card), 2 (lower bottom card), or 3 (top right card). After you have chosen your Card…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.










Card #1:

Nine of Cups

~Magic Genie who grants your wish 



~Worldly pleasures

The Nine of Cups is a fabulous card to choose. It is known as ‘the wish card’. Who wouldn’t want to have a wish fulfilled? Whether big or small, a wish you have been hoping for will soon come true. This also suggests to give thanks to those who have helped make this happen for you. Show your gratitude whether this is towards a person, just good luck, or even towards yourself for putting in the hard work necessary to make this happen. There is also a bit of a warning however, ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!’ Be sure you’ve really thought about the outcome if you were to get your wish. If it’s a car or house you wish for, can you really afford the payments after the initial purchase? Is that special someone really the best thing for you or do they come with way to much baggage and will halt your future growth? All in all though, this is a beautiful card to have. Your wish is the Genies command…  so enjoy your good fortune but don’t sit on your laurels. Also, this cards indicates we will be enjoying worldly pleasures such as good food, good wine, sensual encounters and the things money can buy. So there is an added warning to be moderate while partaking of these pleasures. We could end up over indulging and gaining weight, getting a hangover, getting involved with the wrong person, getting pregnant, or over spending. There’s still one more task ahead before completion.

Card #2:

Six of Wands

 ~Winning your battles



The Six of Wands is celebrating about our achievements. Something you’ve been working on for possibly a long time has finally culminated in success. You are thrilled, and everyone is thrilled FOR you. Finally you have overcome all those obstacles that were standing in your way, blocking your progress. Perhaps there is an award or public recognition of some kind associated with this achievement. This card also speaks of how important other peoples opinions are to you. You want everyone to like and approve of you. So much so that you may go so far as to change yourself  for them, or do things you normally wouldn’t do in order to gain their approval. Be careful that you don’t compromise your own values or authentic Self just to ‘people please.’ Also, chances are you didn’t achieve this accomplishment by yourself. Be sure to give others who helped you achieve this position the credit they are due. Celebrating, giving recognition where it’s due and cheering each other on is something everyone could use. It reassures us we are appreciated and moving in the right direction. Take time to celebrate your success, but realize, with sixes, we are little more than half way through our journey.  We have more tasks ahead of us to conquer before we reach the culmination of the ten.




Card #3:

Six of Swords

~Sadly but resolutely leaving troubles behind    

~Moving towards a better place                                           ~Smooth sailing ahead       ~A safe space while in transition                                  ~Escape

The Six of Swords indicates that we have resolutely decided to move away from a troubling situation. This may be with great sorrow that we leave what we once placed great promise in. But now, we realize sadly, in order to grow and prosper, we must leave our troubled past behind. We may not as of yet know exactly where we are going, but it has to be better than what we just left. This trouble could be a bad relationship that hasn’t panned out, a job that held so much promise that has turned out to be only drudgery. Perhaps it is moving out of a house that is lovely, but that we are drowning in debt over. It could indicate a person we love, but that abuses or brings us down in some way and we must put distance between us. It could indicate that this is a mental journey. Where we leave bad, negative or depressive thoughts behind and seek out more positive thoughts. Although there is sorrow in this card, there is also hope. By leaving trouble behind, a better future is ahead.
Since this is a Six, we are leaving those troubles but haven’t yet arrived at our destination (which would be shown as a Ten card). But we are in a safe space now because we have left oppression behind. We have escaped that which oppresses us and are on our way towards better times. Whew!!!


Illustration by Eugene Smith, from the  Tarot in Wonderland  , by Barbara Moore, C. 2018, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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