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Eight of Rods




~Fast Action


~The Arrows of Love

Seeing this card in your Reading is an indication that something is entering your life very quickly. This could be a message you receive that requires quick action. It could be someone entering your life very suddenly, a sudden chance to travel by air or a sudden change that causes a flurry of  activity or things to happen very quickly. This could be love entering your life  suddenly or a sudden spark that ignites a flame in you. This could be an idea, an invitation, a burst of energy, or something you are enthusiastic about. This is something that you are passionate about or for,  and that will involve you in unexpected but welcomed action or activity. This card is all about things that enter your life very quickly and require action or result in a sudden reaction. This could even be an inspirational message from above or a jolt of intuition that spurs you into action. There is a lot of momentum behind what is entering your life this week. It almost has a life of it’s own and can quickly run amuck or run away with you if you aren’t careful. Think of a little snowball someone places at the top of a snowy hill while you watch joyfully, half way down. Then, without warning, they push it over the edge. The next thing you know, this giant ball of heavy snow is hurtling down towards you at break neck speed and now you are running for your life! So you must guard against getting involved or reacting too quickly or hastily to whatever it is that captures your attention this week. Don’t let this new impetus spark such a big fire within you that you ended up suffering burnout or become so engulfed in this flame that it consumes you or gets out of control. Run WITH this energy, but don’t let it run OVER you. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Keep a handle on things, slow it down a bit, keep control and this energy will give you a much needed lift to your spirit. It will provided you with motivation, energy and the momentum to carry you through as long as you stay ahead of it, be aware of the consequences before acting, and stay in control. With a little forethought, this could be the breath of fresh air you have been waiting for!





~Bringer of Order  ~Masculine Energy


~Authority Figure

~Father, Husband, Strong Male Energy Figure, Boss or Enforcer of the rules     

The Emperor is the masculine energy that enables us to make a life for ourselves here on earth in an orderly and concrete way. He (or She) is the one in charge of building the empire, making and enforcing the rules, providing food, clothing, shelter and protection for those under his rule. He is someone in a position of Power. Whenever you see this card you can count on there being an encounter with, or a need for, masculine energy and power. There is a need to take control of a situation or take charge of people or things. To be a leader, an authority figure, or a disciplinarian to yourself or to others under your command. There is a need to enforce or perhaps to make some rules to bring about order in your or others lives. If this symbolizes a person, many times this is a very serious, logical, and powerful authority figure you’ll have dealings with this week. They could be a Father, Husband, Boss or  other powerful person who is not afraid to take charge. Their purpose in life is to provide, conquer and protect. To make and enforce rules in order to gain, maintain, or control their environment. They are responsible for providing  structure and stability for themselves,  their families or those under their authority. They protect themselves and their own. They provide concrete material things such as food , clothing, and shelter. If you have chosen this card today, perhaps you have been allowing others to take your power or to control your life . You may have gotten used to being in the background, have accepted a submissive role, or enjoy being taken care of to the detriment of your own personal power. This card is giving you notice that it is time to take control of your own life and affairs. Be in charge and be in the drivers seat instead of being a passenger in your life with no control over where you are going. No longer being at the mercy or whims of others. Or, on the other hand, if you’ve been the one who is always taking responsibility for everyone and everything, perhaps now is the time to let someone else take charge. To delegate and take care of things for you for a change. So, whether you encounter someone with this energy, need someone with this energy, or it is you who needs to  embody this energy and take charge; there is a need for some Leadership. Someone to make things happen and take responsibility. Someone to  lay down the Law! To take control and to establish a sense of safety, stability and order. This card is asking you to step into your power and take charge of whatever is in your command.


 ~A necessary ending




~A Change in the Status Quo

When you see Death in your Reading, you may be terrified that you or someone you know is going to die. Calm down! That is not the meaning of this card… at least not in the physical sense. This Death is a symbolic one. It means you need to make a change in your life or to let go of something in your past or present that is hampering your growth. Something needs to ‘die’  or end in order for something else to be ‘born’ or enter. There is a person, a relationship, or a situation in your life that you have outgrown or that no longer serves your highest good. It’s time to let something go so that there is room for something better to enter. Are you pretending to be someone you really aren’t in order to please or be accepted by others? Then this card is telling you it is time to take off that mask and step into who you really are. To live authentically and be true to the person you were originally created you to be. Nothing about you was a  mistake. You were created with a carefully planned out blue print for a specific reason. To fulfill a specific need or task in this world. You were created perfectly for this part in mind. Nothing…, absolutely nothing about you was a mistake! So,  stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken or covering up something that’s already perfect just as it is. Again, nothing about you is a mistake!  Also, if you are involved in things or with people that don’t make you feel good about yourself or help you to grow, then let them go. If you aren’t creating a life that feeds your soul, then change it!  If something or someone feels stale; is holding you back or is no longer supporting you or helping you grow… release it. Let it or them go. If you are filling your head or heart with thoughts that you are somehow inadequate or not enough…, change your thoughts. Remember, you are perfect just the way you are. If someone or something makes you feel dead inside, it’s time to cut it/ them loose. Cut off that deadwood! Get rid of it so new growth can enter your life. Are you clinging to something or someone out of fear of the unknown or change? It may already be over and it’s ending is inevitable anyway. Your hanging on won’t change anything and is only prolonging your pain. This card is about letting go of what no longer serves you. Embracing change and allowing the rebirth and transformation that follows when you accept what has ‘died’  and finally let it go. After all, when one door closes, another always opens. Don’t just stand there at the threshold… walk through it. Accept the ‘rebirth’ that is waiting on the other side.

Hanson-Roberts Tarot  Illustrations by Mary Hanson-Roberts, c. 1985 . Published & distributed  by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 U.S.A.


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