4 of Pentacles


~Stingy~Penny Pinching~ ~Ebenezer Scrooge~

~Money Minded~


~Certainty of Possession(s)~

~The Power  of Money~

~The Midas Touch~

~Clinging to what one possesses~

~Lack of Generosity~


~Isolation due to  a Suspicious Nature~

The card chosen for Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post this week is, the 4 of Pentacles. It’s no coincidence that the 4 on a keyboard when the ‘shift’ key is applied is the $ sign!!! In Numerology the number 4 means ones Foundation. What one builds there life upon. Ones source of safety and stability in life. What makes one feel secure in life. All this is true… you need some money in your life. But there needs to be a healthy and balanced relationship with money or it can possess you rather than you possessing it. If money is on your mind 24/7 or if you work all the time and don’t have any time left for life or those you love… money has become more of a problem than an asset, and you my friend, are out of balance!  With the 4 of Pentacles it indicates that the person ruled by this card’s foundation is all about money and what money can buy them. Now money in and of itself isn’t evil, we all need it to live, but there must be a balance. Some people are so obsessed with it that it becomes everything to them. It’s their identity and their sole source of power. You’ve heard it said “he has the Midas touch.” Where everything some people touch turns to gold. This can be a blessing or a curse. When money becomes their whole world and we don’t allow the time to show others how important they are to us and how much they mean to us, love and those we love suffer. This is the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the lesson he is taught by the spirits of Christmas past, present and future. Ebenezer, in the past, before money became the foundation of his entire world, was a kind and loving Lad with a Fiance whom meant the world to him. He wasn’t rich, but he had lots of friends and he was happy. But then, after seeing what riches money could buy,  he devoted himself solely to acquiring all the money he could get his hands on. Initially it was to provide a better life and home for his intended bride. But once he started acquiring his stash of money, greed set in and he became obsessed with getting more and more. Ebenezer worked all the time,isolated himself from others because he wouldn’t make any time for them, became stingy with what he already had and didn’t know when enough was enough. This is why you see the person in this card holding a coin over their heart… it shows how one can actually block off love and the heart (using money as a substitute for love and as a balm or shield for a broken heart), by worshiping money and possessions. It shows this poor fellow has isolated themselves from life (indicated by the city in the background that they have turned their back on). It shows the suspicion and paranoia that can occur when we have an ungenerous character because we think people are only after our money. It also indicates how poverty mindedness can make us stubbornly cling to what we have acquired(note that he is grasping one coin with both hands while placing both feet on two more coins, thus keeping him immobile by his greed). Notice also, that they have a coin on top of their head. This indicates that money is paramount and ALWAYS on their mind, leaving no time or thought for life or others. It wasn’t until the spirit of Christmas future showed Ebeneezer that he would die alone and uncared for and how his actions, miserliness and greed cost the life of Tiny Tim, that he woke up and changed his ways. Using his money to spread joy and happiness and at the same time, opened his own heart to love and life and all the joy a generous spirit can bring. This is the card of greed and the miser. So although money has it’s place in our lives, it is an indication that there is more to life than that… or at least there should be. In order for happiness and love to enter your life, you must have a generous spirit and an open heart. You must be willing to open your heart to others and be generous with what you have. Make a balanced budget of time and money, then stick to it. Don’t let money become your sole reason for living. After all, as you learned in pre-school … sharing is caring! 

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llustration from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne c. 2013 Copyright  Lo Scarabeo Publishers. Lo Scarabeo Via Cigna 110 – 10155 Torino, Italy 

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