Moderation ~  Patience ~ Harmony~ Balance ~ Tranquility ~ Discernment

TEMPERANCE is about taking the middle road in life. Keeping your emotions and physical life in balance. Your work and personal life balanced as well. Using discernment in making decisions. Having patience with yourself and others as well as with the process of transformation. To use moderation in all that you do. Not too hot and not to cold in temperament or environment. Not being a doormat nor acting out in anger either. No excess in physical pleasures, but also not denying yourself pleasure. Keep your elements of Trinity in balance. By following the Golden Rule of TEMPERANCE, you’ll be blessed from above and assured a life of balance, tranquility and harmony. 

There is peace and contentment available to those who live their lives with TEMPERANCE. When you walk the middle road, you are able to stay on your right path easily. You may think this sounds like a life of boredom, but that is not so. You can still enjoy a life filled with excitement and delight, but you will avoid the downfalls and problems that excess always brings with it. By weighing the pro’s and con’s when making decisions, you can avoid much of the pitfalls and regrets that come with rash or impulsive choices. Those that spend their lives chasing money and prestige tend to work excessively at the expense of their health and relationships. Those who’s lives are ruled by excess tend to be unbalanced and are addicted to one thing or the other and they may lead a very shallow, unhappy life. Patience is also a element of TEMPERANCE’s message. It is easy to become impatient when we want something very badly or we are becoming frustrated. But we must be patient, because everything has its perfect moment. Push too hard and we may end up pushing it away. Becoming impatient with ourselves or others rarely accomplishes anything.  It ultimately can only cause disharmony and pain. Remember, everything has its time or season. Again, by walking the middle road, you are able to partake in the blessings in life without the unpleasant side effects excess, impatience and haste always leaves in its wake. 

TEMPERANCE also speaks of Trinity. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Man, Woman, Child. Mind, Body, Emotions. Youth, Adult, Sage. Work, Play, Worship. Etc… This is a more complex state of balance and unity, but none-the-less, balance.  TEMPERANCE is the Golden Rule. And, by following the teachings of TEMPERANCE,  you can live a balanced, harmonious and fulfilled life that is blessed from above.

Wishing you all Love & Light,    

Purple Swan*

Illustration by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan, from the Morgan-Greer Tarot, c.1979. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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