As with all Aces, here we have a card of new beginnings, and since our card for this week is from the suit of CUPS; this new beginning will be in the realm of the emotions. You can expect a new beginning or to feel like you did the first time you experienced a particular emotion. This feeling could be that all encompassing feeling of falling in love. The feeling of being filled with pure joy, like you did as a child when you got a new puppy. A feeling of contentment, as if all is right in your world… right here, right now. The nourishment that comes from loving and being loved. Whether this is self-love or the love of another.  Growth and fertility which comes from our creativity, feelings, imagination, intuition and from spirit itself, which manifests as the abundance in our lives. The ACE of CUPS is the card of finding love or appreciation for someone or something, falling in love, infatuation, the birth or adoption of a child/pet/creative or art project. New feelings coming forth such as; peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, contentment and love. Your cup runneths over because you are so full of joy, contentment, happiness, goodwill and love, that you can’t contain it all. This is also the card that indicates you may be opening up to messages from spirit, angels, God, the Universe, the Source, and your own intuition or even beginning to receive psychic impressions. You are beginning to feel grateful and blessed from above and nourished deeply on a soul felt basis.

The symbolism in the card shows literally, a cup so full of water (water symbolizes the emotions, usually of love, joy, peace and contentment) that it can’t be contained and is running over the brim and spilling from it’s base. The cup itself is made of precious gold, indicating the vessel that holds all the precious emotions. Above the cup is a dove which symbolizes peace and love and in it’s beak is a wafer of bread (bread symbolizes nourishment and in this case, that which nourishes our spirit and emotions comes from Spirit) with the sign of the cross which indicates the nourishment, peace and love comes from above, from spirit/God/the Universe/ Source. Also, adorning the cup and encircling the stem, or that which supports us, are a group of the purple (the color of spirit and the color of Authority and Virtue) crystal Amethyst, which symbolizes the 7th Energy Chakra which is our connection to spirit. The hand coming out of the cloud offering us this overflowing cup of goodness comes from a source which is there, yet unseen… this is a symbolism of the importance of our faith and in knowing that we are cared for and nourished by spirit. We can also see the lotus blossoms that indicates the peace that comes from having faith in spirit. Everything is watered and fed by the emotions which in turn makes the flowers grow and the lily pads lush and fertile. There is one unopened blossom which indicates the promise and potential of a new beginning or birth.      

So, with this weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post, you can expect a new beginning from an emotional standpoint. One that brings with it; love, joy, contentment, growth, creativity, insight, opening up to receiving messages from spirit or your intuition and a feeling of having abundance in your life.                             

Wishing you all Love & Light,    

Purple Swan*

Illustration from The New Palladini Tarot Deck by David Palladini c.1996. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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