This week’s card is THE MAGICIAN. It is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards that alerts you that you are going through or about to go through a major lesson or event in your life. With THE MAGICIAN, you can expect to focus on or bring out your ‘Yang’ or male energy. You could be honing a skill or creating something unique, because it can only come from you. It comes  from deep inside of you where it has been gestating… Waiting for the perfect time, the perfect conditions,  to come forth into the world. Be this some form of art or something else that was once only a dream or idea coming from your imagination, but is now being brought into form and being made tangible. This energy is more forceful and brings with it the ability to take an intention or goal that has been up to now just a whisper from your soul or a longing in your heart,  and manifest it… make it real. This energy is your life force, your energy and physical vitality. Your reason for being, or the nagging from your soul to make things happen. To get started on something, to make it happen, to make it so! In some circles, this life force energy is known as kundalini energy. This is where your zest for life and passion reside. Yes, it can be your sexuality, a physical desire, a person, or some thing  that drives you to create what you seek to manifest in life. But it can just as well be a passion for a cause that you hold dear to you and that will propel you forward with courage and determination. This card has an air of taking responsibility with it. Here it is the responsibility to use your power and energy to manifest only positive things in this world and in your life. To use your personal power to do good for yourself and others or the earth herself. This card is telling you that you now have the power and energy as well as the tools and drive at your disposal to manifest what you desire. You now have what it takes to manifest your goals. Don’t run over people or do any harm while you are doing it though, or you will fail. ‘Do no harm’ is the moto here. It is also possible that you will encounter a person, usually male, but could be a powerful or ‘take charge’ kind of gal whom emits a sense of power, confidence, determination and vitality as well as the ability to take charge and get things done. This person is very magnetic, sensual, self-assured and claims their power and ability to make something happen proudly. Whether romantically or in a more general sense… you want to be or be affiliated with this powerhouse of a person. This person could be a side of yourself that is now ready to emerge from the depths of your being and take it’s rightful place, openly and proudly in the world.  You are now ready to stop acting small and own your greatness authentically and without shame. You or they are confident, bigger than life, authoritative, a born leader and have the ability to create whatever they desire and you can trust that your/their intentions are pure.  The traditional meaning is ‘with wisdom and skill, he/she harnesses energy into force, and force into power for the benefit of mankind.’ This person could also indicate a Physician you encounter this week, who will be one that is very capable and whom you can trust. This week, THE MAGICIAN is telling you to take that idea, dream, desire you’ve held inside up till now, and… Make is so! You have the power to do anything you wish. You always have because it’s  available in an infinite supply from the universal source. Always has been, always will be. The only difference is that now you are ready to receive it! Get out there and take action! Get to manifesting! Make it real! Make it happen! Be confident, be powerful, be courageous, be determined, be YOU! Shine, baby, shine!!!

 As far as the symbology in this card goes, note that the man is holding a wand… perhaps a magic wand to make something appear or manifest. He’s got an idea, a dream, or a plan in mind and he’s going to use his energy, power, passion and enthusiasm to materialize that idea and bring it into form. ‘As above (the thought, idea or spiritual message that is as of yet without form), so below’ (the idea is brought down to the earthly plane and then manifested and given a physical form). The man’s wand is raised high to grasp and channel that dream, wish, thought, idea or message, and directed downward toward the earth and toward his table of ‘tools’, in order to ‘make it so ‘. To manifest it and make it real or get the job done. See the symbol of infinity floating above his head? This indicates that the power, energy and ability or skill the universe has given you or them is always available for use… it never runs out, it is an infinite source. The tools on the table … the Wand of power,  energy, creation and passion, which is available for you/them to use to create with and symbolizes the suit of Wands in the Tarot deck. The Sword of thought, clarity, action and justice is available to use to see the idea turn into action but which is pure of intent, fair and just, and symbolizes the suit of SWORDS in the Tarot deck. The Cup which is full of your hearts desires and feelings, tells you to trust spirit and your intuition and provides the emotions, heart and compassion needed to keep you on the straight and narrow and ‘do no harm’ and symbolizes the suit of CUPS in the Tarot deck. The Pentacle or coin symbolizes the tangible, physical, material world of form that we live and create in. The Pentacle symbolizes what we manifest. Our mundane, everyday lives where safety, security, possessions, finances and ‘things’ we need and create to make our lives easier reside. These Pentacles or Coins symbolize the suit of Pentacles or Coins in the Tarot deck. We should also note the cloak he is wearing is deep red, symbolizing the man’s passion, life force and energy and the infinity sign clasp at his neck that insures he always has these things close to him and at his disposal in infinite supply. He also is wearing a white shirt to indicate that his intentions are pure. There are also white Lilies that mirror his pure intent and act as a reminder to only use ones power for good. Notice the red Rose. This is symbolizing again how our passion can be put to good use in order to give our lives deep emotional connections and be rich with abundance, inner success and meaning. This also indicates the importance of love and loved ones in our lives and how they can give us passion and purpose. Notice also, the greenery. This symbolizes the abundance that comes from continued growth and creation. This is echoed in the color of his belt and suggests the direction we should aspire to… go forward in life;  create, grow and prosper. Then as we look up in this card, we see a great and steep wall surrounding the man. This symbolizes both protection from above while we create and manifest in the world, but it also reminds us that things may get difficult and the going may get steep or tough at times. But we need to remember during those times, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ We have the skill, power and everything else we need in infinite supply. We will be protected and safe as long as we keep our thoughts and deeds pure in intent and do no harm. Then last but not least, we have a bright sunny sky with an infinity sign floating high above, indicating  that we are provided with an infinite amount of power, energy, skill, tools, determination, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, drive and regeneration from above. It’s ours for the taking any time we need it. So this week, you are being asked to notice and put into use/action; the ability to lead, be authentic, become or manifest something for the greater good. Make it happen.  ‘Make it so!’

Illustration from the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck by Bill Greer, under the direction of Lloyd Morgan, c.1979.  Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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