Revealing Radiance

“My light illuminates the world.”

Card meaning: There is a luminosity within you that’s expanding. It illuminates others and brings light to the darkness. Your radiance also acts as a sacred beacon that calls the bounty and support of the Universe to you.

The Universe Wants You to Know: Even if you’ve been feeling lackluster lately, know that there’s a vibrant, shimmering light radiating within you. Take time to be still and welcome the light revealing itself to you. Own your radiance, and the rays will expand into the furthest reaches of time and space. When you shine brightly from your heart, the bounty of the Universe showers you with blessings. You are the light.

Questions to Ask Yourself: How can I shine even more brightly? Who helps me shine, and who dims my energy? What do I need to clear out of my life so I can shine even brighter?

Illustrations by Jesse Reisch for the Gateway Oracle Deck by Denise Linn c. 2012. Published by Hay House, Inc.

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