Three of Cups       

I see this card a the card of celebration, socializing & friendship. entertainment. making a toast. the conclusion of a matter. plenty. perfection.  making merry. happiness. victory . fulfillment. solace. healing. the culmination of something you’ve strived for & with reason to celebrate. female friendship. think the gals from sex & the city…carrie, maranda, sam, & charolet. let’s go out for a drink to celebrate. hanging out. socializing. networking. comadery. a wingman. like minded people who really get you and share your interests.

This suggests something worth celebrating has happened. Or maybe you will be going to an event, a movie, or out to drinks with friends. You may have accomplished something that you had been striving for and are over the Moon about it and want to share the news with those whom have supported you along the way. This is a symbol of hanging out and having a good time. Or hanging out in order to show support when something not so good has happened that put an end to something, like a break-up, a divorce, a job lose, etc. Partying & socializing. This can show groups of people whom support and nurture each other.  It can also indicate threesomes. This can be a really good thing, or a not so good thing.  For a couple when there is a third person and there shouldn’t be, such as an affair going on. Or perhaps a third wheel. Whether you feel like the third wheel, or someone else is tagging along when you’d rather be alone with another person. But all in all, this is a really great card for hanging out with friendly or like minded people whom really ‘get you’ and support you. Being there for each other through thick and thin.They cheer you on and support you, they have your back or you have theirs. Groups of people who share the same interests. Clubs. Teams. Teamwork. A group or gathering of people. Rights of passage culminating in a ceremony such as a Graduation, Wedding, Bridal or Baby shower, “Hail,hail, the gangs all here!” “Hip,hip, hoo-ray!” “Way to go, you really deserved this raise, promotion, or new job. Perhaps you have won an election or  got appointed to some position you were hoping for. This could also be an engagement. Announcing you are pregnant when you’ve been trying for awhile. Anything where something dear to your heart finally happend and you wish to share the news with people who care about you or you care about them. This can also indicate something to do with an on-line network or job. Gamers getting together on-line.  Give and receive kudos or support. A support group, system or team. A meeting to go to or an appointment. Regardless of the occasion, it’s time to celebrate with others. Go out and have some fun! Spend some time with your crew!

The Rider-Waite Tarot, authored by Arthur Edward Waite, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, C. 2007. Published & Distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT. 06902, USA



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