The main keywords for the HIGH PRIESTESS are: Ones inner voice. The great unknown. Inner knowing. Mysterious. Intuition. Hidden Knowledge. Going inside oneself. Solitude. Guardian of the gates of illusion and knowledge. Wisdom. Sound Judgement.on Sense. Serenity. Objectivity. Penetration. Foresight. Perception. Self-Reliance. Platonic Relationships. Yin Energy. Feminine Knowing. Going within. Facing ones shadow side. Gnosis.  Psychic. Witch. Feminine powers of perception.   The HIGH PRIESTESS signifies that you need to honor and accept the guidance of your intuition this week. Trust your inner knowingness, even if you don’t know why you  know what you know. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to seek proof of why you know what you know. Just trust that you do indeed know the truth. She symbolizes inner knowing and knowledge. Perhaps it is time to spend some time alone with yourself to go within in order to find the answers you are looking for to a problem or feeling that has been perplexing you. Or maybe it is now time to get reacquainted with yourself after concentrating way too much on outwardly world issues or caring for others needs. It is possible someone else will come to you for help with a problem they have been having and they trust your inner feminine abilities and intuition. You (or they) seem to always give good advice and seem to know the answers without them even supplying the details. Someone could be attracted to you, but you only have platonic feelings for them and know the relationship will never be more (or vise versa). You could find yourself in a situation where you need to be emotionless and objective in order to give wise counsel or make a good and fair decision. The HIGH PRIESTESS is a mysterious person who seems to know or perceive things without any possible logical way they could know these things. She (or he, as we all have both feminine and male energies within us) has the ability to see right through another person, so don’t try and deceive her (them). She is calm and serene. Probably a loner, but one everyone seems to bring their problems to because they trust her as she always seems to have all the answers. She can be intimidating to others. Not because she thinks she is better than everyone else, but because she sees and knows what is happening on the inside or behind the scenes and this can spook others. How does she do that? She just KNOWS! She can be a Psychic that gives you the willies with her accuracy. A trusted confidant. Your best friend or possibly a new age advisor. But whomever she is, she seems to just KNOW the unknowable. She is asking you to pull back the veil of illusions you have been hiding behind and have the courage to take a good look around you  at what is REALLY going on . To trust your gut feelings. Own your own feminine powers of observation and inner knowing. Polish up your power of intuition.   Seek out or confide in someone you know you can trust because they always seem to see deep behind the curtain of illusions and hidden secrets, and you know, they just KNOW. Whether you need to seek out someone like this, or seek out the HIGH PRIESTESS in yourself; it is time to pull back the veil of the unknown, go within, and find the answers that reside deep within the dark warm cave of yourself.

Illustrations from the Hudes  Tarot by Susan Hudes c. 1995 published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902


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