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KING of WATER: ~Benevolent~Compassionate~Emotional Responsibility~

~A Bard, Priest, Minister or Spiritual Leader~

~Knowledgeable~Stable~ ~Fatherly or Grandfatherly~Kind~

~Considerate~Authority in Arts & Sciences~

Poet~Musician~Artistic~ ~Compassionate Doctor Whom Listens~

~In Touch with His Feelings~Emotional Control~Trustworthy~

The King of Water, more commonly called the King of Cups, is a Benevolent fellow. He has only the best interests in mind for everyone he comes in contact with. This card can indicate a wonderfully kind Gentleman you will encounter this week, or your own energy that you will need to bring to the forefront this week. If you’ve seen the movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’, you will understand and recognize his energy as King Triton., Ariel’s Dad. He tries to protect her and give her the Fatherly advice that he feels is in her best interest. To bestow upon her all his knowledge acquired through years of experience. This is the energy of the King of Water. (Which she abruptly ignored and got into all sorts of trouble before finally finding her way BTW!!!) This may be the case with your own kids or someone close to you that just has to learn the hard way even though you tried your best to reason with them… or maybe you are the one ignoring perfectly good advice from a benevolent friend or family member? Just know that they have your best interests in mind. Or if you find yourself in the role of the benevolent parent or friend, hopefully your advice will be taken to heart and applied. But sometimes, we have to step aside and let others find there own way… even if that means doing nothing but praying for their protection while we stand by and watch with awaiting open arms for when they fall flat on their face! Is all hell breaking out around you? It is your task to stay calm and be the voice of reason. If on the other hand, your world is in chaos and you need the voice of calm, controlled reason… you are being asked to find this in yourself or to accept the helping hand of another who has the knowledge or the experience you need just now. If this is a person in your life or whom you will encounter this week, consider yourself lucky. You can trust this person with your whole self. They have the best emotional advice and the kindest yet stable energy about them and they can help you find the best way forward for you. If you find you just need a shoulder to cry on… this is your guy. If you are exploring your depths and need an outlet of expression, you will find this through music, photography, painting, poetry,  writing or the Arts. If you find yourself in need of physical healing… this is just the Doc you need. A good listener, kind, caring and considerate with excellent bedside manner whom you can trust their instructions or advice. As a mate or Lover, you will find this person a real catch, but be forewarned… it does come with a price. This person will take very good care of you and have only your best interests at heart, but you may find them a little distant with their own emotions. As if they are holding back on you. It’s not that they don’t love you, because they do with their whole heart. They would do anything to ensure your happiness… it’s just that they must stay in emotional control at all times. Just consider yourself lucky to be under this persons wing and go with it.! This could literally be your Father, Grandfather or someone with this kind of knowledgeable energy. Lucky you!

Illustrations on the card by Jena DellaGrottaglia. The Good Tarot deck by Collette Baron-Reid. www.colettebaronreid.com© 2017. Publishedand distributed by Hay House, Inc.

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