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It’s time for another 3-Card Oracle Reading this week!      Here’s how it goes… Look at the 3 cards below. Take three deep breaths to ground & center yourself. Then intuitively pick the card that ‘speaks’ to your heart. No peeking or scrolling down until you have chosen your card. Card 1, Card 2, or Card 3.


Now scroll down to reveal your chosen card.

Then continue to scroll down for the message the oracle has for you this week.





Make Better Choices

~     Card #1          ~         

Have you ever heard the saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different results”? Well, it’s true, and it especially applies to you at this time. Whatever you do brings about specific results-if you don’t like them, you need only change your behavior.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to connect all results in your life directly with your choices, and blame no one but yourself for these experiences. Although this may sound extreme, it’s the basis of real freedom. If you’re willing to make better decisions, you can create new and more satisfying outcomes. But if you don’t, be assured that the consequences will stay the same.

Your soul’s lesson: examine the results of your life today. Identify which ones satisfy you and which ones don’t, which behaviors work and those that need to change. For example, where you experience people as defensive, is your behavior confrontational? Where you see others as aggressive and demanding, are you acting passive and non-assertive? Where you’re being bullied, how are you conducting yourself-and where you’re the bully, how are you behaving?

If you really want to try something exciting, change your actions so that you’re loving others and yourself. The picture of your life will suddenly shift from shades of gray to beautiful living color… You’ll see.

Laugh at your Demons

~       Card #2         ~

In what area of your life are you feeling miserable and unable to find your way out? Where have you been judging yourself or another so harshly that you see no means of forgiveness? What are you hiding from or covering up, afraid that you’ll be found out? In what area of your life have you lost all sense of humor?

Your soul’s purpose right now is to restrain your critical ego and return to the love of your heart Yourself. Be aware of every aspect of your life in which you feel stuck, and recognize this is only appearance. All things will be solved in time.

Your souls lesson; break free from the psychic bondage that arises from your overly judgmental ego. Feel the low-quality vibration that such doom, gloom, and harshness brings about. Ease up on yourself-nothing is that bad. Deconstruct the energetic barbed-wire fence around your heart, and turn off the psychic “go away” sign that you flash at the world.

As intense as your present situation may seem, and as bad as you feel, know that your Higher Self will guide you if you let it. Seek your spirit’s clear perspective by activating your humor, blessing your mess, and trusting that it will all straightened out. As you laugh, be certain that it will.

*SOUL oracle Cards  by Sonia Choquette, c. 2006. Published & Distributed by Hay House, Inc.

*Click on Card name to order

Live from your Spirit

 ~    Card #3           ~

If you feel that everything you’re doing right now isn’t working, or that every situation you face is working against you, be glad! Believe it or not, on a soul level you’re simply entering a major learning curve. The only thing blocking you is thinking too much, instead of just following your spirit. The more your soul asserts itself, the more you must respond from your Higher Self.

View all aggravating circumstances as an invitation to grow and flex your Divine muscles. Stop laminating, “why is this happening to me?” As though life is unfair. The awakened soul knows that isn’t the case: life just is-it’s your response that decides the outcome. Stay connected to your Higher Self rather than drowning in drama. Above all, take a close look at how much of your behavior is simply an unsavory, unconscious ‘goulash’ of conditioning acquired from childhood, peer pressure, the media, society, or even past lives, and not a reflection of your true spirit.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to eliminate all the overthinking and negative habits that clog your judgment, Hijack your freedom, and victimize you. Instead, use the power of your Higher Self.

Your soul’s lesson: stop playing the victim of circumstance. Focus, learn, and choose to respond appropriately when confronted with life’s challenges.


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