The card for this weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post is THE TOWER. This is another one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck which indicates you will be going through another intense lesson, phase or event this week. When we see a Major Arcana card, this isn’t a day to day thing, this is something BIG. This lessen, phase or event could be on the Spiritual plane or something that will impact your day to day life on a deep inner level. Looking at THE TOWER card probably sends shivers down your spine or a sense of foreboding. This can be the case, because it can mean a sudden and unexpected ending or change in events that will rock your World. It can be something that shatters your World or something that is earth shattering. Whatever it is, it comes as a BIG surprise or impacts you in a BIG way.

 Does this mean something bad is about to happen? Not necessarily. Surprises can be a good thing… like receiving a surprise party or a promotion or marriage proposal or unexpected help or backing of a project from an unlikely source. You could receive an idea, a break through in thinking or understanding of a situation that has perplexed or escaped you up to this point. An example of this could be seen as when a writer has been experiencing writers block and suddenly is struck with an idea that shatters that block to pieces and they can’t type fast enough to keep up with the inflow of thoughts or information received. Or when you’ve been trying to grasp the ‘why’  or ‘how’ of something and all of the sudden the information just pops into your head. You experience an ‘ah-ha’ or ‘eureka ‘ moment. You could get some surprising and unexpected news and are dumbfounded. Gasp!!! …  ‘You could have knocked me down with a feather’ type of news. Something you never would of expected in a million years! These ‘surprises’ can be welcome, or not so much.

On the flip side of the coin, this card can be earth shattering news that you never would of expected and that came out of the blue without warning. You are notified the company you’ve worked for over 10 years is experiencing hardships and has to reduce it’s workforce and yours is one of the positions that is being cut. You come home from work only to find the house you’ve been renting for years burnt to the ground. Your longtime partner walks into the living room holding a suitcase and announces they have met someone new and are moving in with them… tonight! You have your yearly physical for work and the Doctor informs you ‘they’ve found a lump’ while doing your breast exam.  While there is no doubt that all the things indicated here are earth shattering or even life changing, they may have occurred for the best. It could be that you’ve been going to a job you hate and that has been crushing your spirit for the past 10 years. You’ve wanted to leave this job to pursue your life’s mission, but you’ve been afraid to leave because ‘it pays the bills’. But now that you have been forced out of complacency, you take this as an opportunity to follow your dream. Your rental house has been burnt to the ground leaving you no choice but to find somewhere else to live. You’ve been wanting to buy a house of your own for years, but the actual task of moving all your stuff after years of accumulation held you where you were at. With little left to move, and an insurance check in your hand, you have the opportunity to buy that house and start fresh. You may have been just going through the motions with your partner because it was ‘comfortable’ or you didn’t want to be alone. But now that they have left, you are open to receive a new love in your life… possibly your soulmate that has been waiting in the wings for sometime. Your Doctor informs you that they found a lump. Not news you want to hear, but news you needed to hear in order to catch it early and save your life. These are all life changing, earth shattering things that alter the path of your life or even your spirit and the way you’ll forever look at or live your life. But in all these instances, the changes made, although nothing you would have done or chosen on your own, will clear the way for a better life.

Whether this ‘surprise’ is taken as good or bad, it will be for your greater good. Note that even though this is a life altering event, news, or breakthrough that may shatter, awaken, force or even shake your very foundation or way you have been going through or about life; there is light in the windows, a new dawn on the horizon and opportunity for new growth and nourishment that will spring from these times. There will be life long lessons learned that can serve you for the rest of your life. Just know, whatever comes your way, you can handle it. Spirit has your back. Look for the rainbow in the storm. The silver lining in the clouds. Keep positive and know ‘this to shall pass’. Use these lessons, events and phases to your advantage. Grow the conditions that you do want in your life. You are being handed an opportunity for a better life if you can take action rather than just re-acting. Look forward. Keep going. Don’t get bogged down or stuck in the negativity of the moment. You are being handed a clean slate in which to work with. What will you build?!!

An Eddison ~ Sadd Edition. The Druid Craft Tarot, Illustrastions c. by Will Worthington, Text c. by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm 2004. First St. Martin’s Edition 2004. Edited, designed and produced by Eddison Sadd Editions Limited. St Chad’s House, 148 King’s Cross Road, London WCIX 9DH

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This week’s card is THE MAGICIAN. It is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards that alerts you that you are going through or about to go through a major lesson or event in your life. With THE MAGICIAN, you can expect to focus on or bring out your ‘Yang’ or male energy. You could be honing a skill or creating something unique, because it can only come from you. It comes  from deep inside of you where it has been gestating… Waiting for the perfect time, the perfect conditions,  to come forth into the world. Be this some form of art or something else that was once only a dream or idea coming from your imagination, but is now being brought into form and being made tangible. This energy is more forceful and brings with it the ability to take an intention or goal that has been up to now just a whisper from your soul or a longing in your heart,  and manifest it… make it real. This energy is your life force, your energy and physical vitality. Your reason for being, or the nagging from your soul to make things happen. To get started on something, to make it happen, to make it so! In some circles, this life force energy is known as kundalini energy. This is where your zest for life and passion reside. Yes, it can be your sexuality, a physical desire, a person, or some thing  that drives you to create what you seek to manifest in life. But it can just as well be a passion for a cause that you hold dear to you and that will propel you forward with courage and determination. This card has an air of taking responsibility with it. Here it is the responsibility to use your power and energy to manifest only positive things in this world and in your life. To use your personal power to do good for yourself and others or the earth herself. This card is telling you that you now have the power and energy as well as the tools and drive at your disposal to manifest what you desire. You now have what it takes to manifest your goals. Don’t run over people or do any harm while you are doing it though, or you will fail. ‘Do no harm’ is the moto here. It is also possible that you will encounter a person, usually male, but could be a powerful or ‘take charge’ kind of gal whom emits a sense of power, confidence, determination and vitality as well as the ability to take charge and get things done. This person is very magnetic, sensual, self-assured and claims their power and ability to make something happen proudly. Whether romantically or in a more general sense… you want to be or be affiliated with this powerhouse of a person. This person could be a side of yourself that is now ready to emerge from the depths of your being and take it’s rightful place, openly and proudly in the world.  You are now ready to stop acting small and own your greatness authentically and without shame. You or they are confident, bigger than life, authoritative, a born leader and have the ability to create whatever they desire and you can trust that your/their intentions are pure.  The traditional meaning is ‘with wisdom and skill, he/she harnesses energy into force, and force into power for the benefit of mankind.’ This person could also indicate a Physician you encounter this week, who will be one that is very capable and whom you can trust. This week, THE MAGICIAN is telling you to take that idea, dream, desire you’ve held inside up till now, and… Make is so! You have the power to do anything you wish. You always have because it’s  available in an infinite supply from the universal source. Always has been, always will be. The only difference is that now you are ready to receive it! Get out there and take action! Get to manifesting! Make it real! Make it happen! Be confident, be powerful, be courageous, be determined, be YOU! Shine, baby, shine!!!

 As far as the symbology in this card goes, note that the man is holding a wand… perhaps a magic wand to make something appear or manifest. He’s got an idea, a dream, or a plan in mind and he’s going to use his energy, power, passion and enthusiasm to materialize that idea and bring it into form. ‘As above (the thought, idea or spiritual message that is as of yet without form), so below’ (the idea is brought down to the earthly plane and then manifested and given a physical form). The man’s wand is raised high to grasp and channel that dream, wish, thought, idea or message, and directed downward toward the earth and toward his table of ‘tools’, in order to ‘make it so ‘. To manifest it and make it real or get the job done. See the symbol of infinity floating above his head? This indicates that the power, energy and ability or skill the universe has given you or them is always available for use… it never runs out, it is an infinite source. The tools on the table … the Wand of power,  energy, creation and passion, which is available for you/them to use to create with and symbolizes the suit of Wands in the Tarot deck. The Sword of thought, clarity, action and justice is available to use to see the idea turn into action but which is pure of intent, fair and just, and symbolizes the suit of SWORDS in the Tarot deck. The Cup which is full of your hearts desires and feelings, tells you to trust spirit and your intuition and provides the emotions, heart and compassion needed to keep you on the straight and narrow and ‘do no harm’ and symbolizes the suit of CUPS in the Tarot deck. The Pentacle or coin symbolizes the tangible, physical, material world of form that we live and create in. The Pentacle symbolizes what we manifest. Our mundane, everyday lives where safety, security, possessions, finances and ‘things’ we need and create to make our lives easier reside. These Pentacles or Coins symbolize the suit of Pentacles or Coins in the Tarot deck. We should also note the cloak he is wearing is deep red, symbolizing the man’s passion, life force and energy and the infinity sign clasp at his neck that insures he always has these things close to him and at his disposal in infinite supply. He also is wearing a white shirt to indicate that his intentions are pure. There are also white Lilies that mirror his pure intent and act as a reminder to only use ones power for good. Notice the red Rose. This is symbolizing again how our passion can be put to good use in order to give our lives deep emotional connections and be rich with abundance, inner success and meaning. This also indicates the importance of love and loved ones in our lives and how they can give us passion and purpose. Notice also, the greenery. This symbolizes the abundance that comes from continued growth and creation. This is echoed in the color of his belt and suggests the direction we should aspire to… go forward in life;  create, grow and prosper. Then as we look up in this card, we see a great and steep wall surrounding the man. This symbolizes both protection from above while we create and manifest in the world, but it also reminds us that things may get difficult and the going may get steep or tough at times. But we need to remember during those times, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ We have the skill, power and everything else we need in infinite supply. We will be protected and safe as long as we keep our thoughts and deeds pure in intent and do no harm. Then last but not least, we have a bright sunny sky with an infinity sign floating high above, indicating  that we are provided with an infinite amount of power, energy, skill, tools, determination, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, drive and regeneration from above. It’s ours for the taking any time we need it. So this week, you are being asked to notice and put into use/action; the ability to lead, be authentic, become or manifest something for the greater good. Make it happen.  ‘Make it so!’

Illustration from the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck by Bill Greer, under the direction of Lloyd Morgan, c.1979.  Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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 As with all Aces, here we have a card of new beginnings, and since our card for this week is from the suit of CUPS; this new beginning will be in the realm of the emotions. You can expect a new beginning or to feel like you did the first time you experienced a particular emotion. This feeling could be that all encompassing feeling of falling in love. The feeling of being filled with pure joy, like you did as a child when you got a new puppy. A feeling of contentment, as if all is right in your world… right here, right now. The nourishment that comes from loving and being loved. Whether this is self-love or the love of another.  Growth and fertility which comes from our creativity, feelings, imagination, intuition and from spirit itself, which manifests as the abundance in our lives. The ACE of CUPS is the card of finding love or appreciation for someone or something, falling in love, infatuation, the birth or adoption of a child/pet/creative or art project. New feelings coming forth such as; peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, contentment and love. Your cup runneths over because you are so full of joy, contentment, happiness, goodwill and love, that you can’t contain it all. This is also the card that indicates you may be opening up to messages from spirit, angels, God, the Universe, the Source, and your own intuition or even beginning to receive psychic impressions. You are beginning to feel grateful and blessed from above and nourished deeply on a soul felt basis.

The symbolism in the card shows literally, a cup so full of water (water symbolizes the emotions, usually of love, joy, peace and contentment) that it can’t be contained and is running over the brim and spilling from it’s base. The cup itself is made of precious gold, indicating the vessel that holds all the precious emotions. Above the cup is a dove which symbolizes peace and love and in it’s beak is a wafer of bread (bread symbolizes nourishment and in this case, that which nourishes our spirit and emotions comes from Spirit) with the sign of the cross which indicates the nourishment, peace and love comes from above, from spirit/God/the Universe/ Source. Also, adorning the cup and encircling the stem, or that which supports us, are a group of the purple (the color of spirit and the color of Authority and Virtue) crystal Amethyst, which symbolizes the 7th Energy Chakra which is our connection to spirit. The hand coming out of the cloud offering us this overflowing cup of goodness comes from a source which is there, yet unseen… this is a symbolism of the importance of our faith and in knowing that we are cared for and nourished by spirit. We can also see the lotus blossoms that indicates the peace that comes from having faith in spirit. Everything is watered and fed by the emotions which in turn makes the flowers grow and the lily pads lush and fertile. There is one unopened blossom which indicates the promise and potential of a new beginning or birth.      

So, with this weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post, you can expect a new beginning from an emotional standpoint. One that brings with it; love, joy, contentment, growth, creativity, insight, opening up to receiving messages from spirit or your intuition and a feeling of having abundance in your life.                             

Wishing you all Love & Light,    

Purple Swan*

Illustration from The New Palladini Tarot Deck by David Palladini c.1996. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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The Tarot Card for this weeks Tarot Reading blog post is: THE WORLD. THE WORLD is a major arcana card, which means you are going through a Major step, phase or transformation in your life at this time. THE WORLD suggests completion of one stage of your life before you begin a whole new phase. It can indicate you are coming to the conclusion that it is time to end something that has been of importance in your life, but no longer serves your best interest or is holding back your ability to grow and move forward. THE WORLD could be showing that you have completed a phase or project you have been working on for sometime, and now it is time to celebrate your accomplishments and all the hard work you have put in to get to this completion. It’s time to throw yourself a party, buy yourself a reward for a task well done, treat yourself to something special to celebrate making it through a rigorous or tough period. Whatever you have completed, take the time to acknowledge your accomplishment , celebrate however you feel is appropriate, and then get ready to move into the next brand new phase of your life.

 THE WORLD  is a card of things that go around in cycles. The seasons, rites of passage such as birth, puberty, graduations, marriage, childbearing, empty nest,  retirement, menopause, old age and death. Then the cycle starts all over again. Could be getting a job then leaving the current job and then getting a promotion or new and better job, or retiring all together. Starting school, going through school, completing school and finally celebrating this with a graduation ceremony. Finding a mate, marrying the mate, living a long and loving life together, or perhaps divorcing or a death  completes the cycle with that mate and then starting the process all over again or finding  love within yourself completes you. Cycles, completions, celebrations and rites of passage that allow you to end one phase, celebrate and/or acknowledge what has been completed, and then moving on, growing, and starting a new phase all over again.

 On the  solely physical plane; THE WORLD can indicate travel, especially overseas. Perhaps even an assignment or job or enlistment or extended stay is indicated. But this is definitely bigger or at least further than in the country or even continent that you live in currently. This is THE WORLD. Pat yourself on the back, throw a party, give yourself a hug, burn that old marriage certificate, hang that diploma on the wall! Whatever you have or need to complete, do it, celebrate it or have a ritualistic commemoration to acknowledge that it has been finished, then move on into your next new phase of life. Congratulations!!!

 THE WORLD can indicate Completion, the end of a way of life, success. A new beginning, a change of location, hope for the future. Triumph in the end. The admiration of friends. The breadth of possibilities. Cycles of of life.

illustration by Robin Wood, from The Robin Wood Tarot, by Robin Wood & Michael Short, C. 1991, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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~Value              ~Confidence                ~Self-worth             ~Money                     ~Wealth

This gold card is a symbolic reflection of your true inner worth. At the core of your being there exists a pure golden essence with an infinite capacity to create!

You are being urged to look within, to go beyond the superficial personality and connect through contemplation and meditation with your true nature. There is a yearning within you to manifest all your hearts desires. At the top of the list you will discover a yearning for financial wealth and freedom, and for the self-confidence that money can bring. Do not delude yourself that somehow money is bad or that it does not align with your spiritual ideals. Money is just as much a part of  God’s creation as we are. In actuality, it is neither good nor bad, rather, it is something to be valued and put to good use.

Sit quietly for a few minutes each day and lovingly imagine yourself having and achieving all your heart desires. Then, set a goal – one that you feel is achievable in the short term. Focus on it each day until it manifests. Then set a new goal, and so on. Goals are reached one step at a time; an ongoing journey you take. Set clear goals, yet remember to always keep focused on the present, for it is in the present that all unfolds.

You deserve to be and have all your heart desires.


Within my heart flows a river of gold. Iam one with the eternal light of creation. I manifest my dreams. I create Abundance in my life through love.


 ~Fertility              ~Reflection               ~Intuition                     ~Imagination                ~Goddess energy           ~Amplified feelings             

During the appearance of the next full moon your emotions and fears will be amplified and you will at times think you are going crazy, however, keep your calm for this condition will only last a few days. During this time you will find yourself reflecting on your life, both past and present. You will gain deep insights as to the nature of true happiness and begin to reassess your priorities. After the full moon, a fertile period in your life begins, full of many exciting challenges and changes. Many new and rewarding friendships will be formed as you embark on new and creative ventures. This is all the result of the reflective light of the moon, so give thanks to her for her wisdom.

Embrace the blessings coming your way!


~Spirituality          ~Positive Transformation     ~Mediation                    

You are being urged to embrace your shadow side. Take an inventory of all those aspects of yourself that you are afraid to show the world because you perceive them to be bad or inadequate. Meditate on these qualities. Acknowledge them, see how they serve both you and others, then love them and bring them into your heart. When you realise that every aspect of you serves a purpose, there will be no need to deny half of who you are. Just be yourself and understand that there is nothing in your life to fix. There are simply aspects of yourself yearning to be embraced and loved.

This is a time of profound change – a time of positive transformation which will have a lasting impact on every area of your life, and to some degree, on those around you..

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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Queen of Water

After focusing on the more material side of life in the past few weeks, the Queen of Water asks us to now turn inwards and focus on our emotional side. She asks us to take a break from the hurries and worries of life and of the Christmas Season. From worrying about money, the car, the job, the kids, the Grand kids. Rushing around in a buying frenzy, trying to get just the right gift for everyone. From decking the halls, trimming the tree, baking the goodies and making Merry. The gifts are unwrapped, the mess cleaned up, the guests have gone home, the house is quiet, and you’re finally alone.. It’s now time to sit back, enjoy the tree lights, listen to some soothing music and exhale! Close your eyes, meditate or just relax. Be still. Enjoy the silence or just the sound of your breath. Go inside of yourself, let go of all your worries and just relax. Listen to your heartbeat, hear your thoughts, feel your feelings and then just let go. Exhale and then just breathe. Take some time for you. Nurture yourself. Replenish your heart, body and soul. This is a time for you to just rest.  Let the world turn without you for now. This is your time to unwind, re-charge, defuse and recuperate. That’s right…, go inside yourself, breathe and just rest.

The Queen of Water is the Queen of the emotions. The Queen of matters of the heart. She’s Queen of the intuition. The feelings and the Psyche. She is the embodiment of the Moon. She is quiet, still, feminine, beautiful, mysterious and yet oh so powerful. She rules from the heart and makes decisions with her feelings and intuition rather than with logic and facts. She is the nurturing Woman, Mother and Wife.  She is a Care-Giver, Nurse and Psychic. She is a dreamer as well as dreamy. Without need of ‘proof’ or outside facts, she just ‘knows’ things.  You cannot fool her because she can ‘see’ right through you. She is an empath who can feel others feelings and knows just what to say to soothe a troubled mind.  She is the Yin to her opposite, Yang. She is the feminine power and energy in us all. She is the Goddess of love and beauty, the night, the heart, the Soul. She resides in the depths of each and every one of us. She is within YOU!

This week the Queen of Water is asking you to take a break and nurture your body, mind and soul. To slow down. Take a spa day, do some yoga, meditate, take a nap, listen to music or just chill. You may need to rely more on your intuition and feelings this week in making decisions or making your way through your day-to-day life. You may find you need the assistance, care or compassion from a Queen of Water type person or someone else needs your Queen of Water gifts and caring. Whichever the case, be kind to yourself and be sure to listen to your intuition and your body’s clues and hunches. If your stomach clenches tightly when you meet someone or enter a room… that’s your intuition giving you a warning sign. If you need to make a decision about whether to trust someone or whether to sign on the dotted line; note if your body feels relaxed or if it feels tight and tense. These are clues about which way to go. Remember, you have the power to ‘know’, feel and sense the answers. It’s called intuition. And this week you are being asked to use it. So get some rest. Take some time for yourself to recharge. Then be ready to use your inner knowing to help you navigate through this crazy thing we call life!

Illustrations for The Good Tarot by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2017. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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 Change ~ An ending that leads to a new beginning ~ A necessary letting go ~ Transformation ~ In a state of transition ~ New Beginnings ~Change of status quo ~ The inevitable

This week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post reading is about the Tarot card TRANSITION, which is known as DEATH in more traditional decks. But fear not! The meaning of this card rarely means actual death as some horror movies have depicted it. It literally means a transformation from one state to another. Being in a transitional phase. This card also speaks of an impending change. A change of pace. Changing ones path in life. A change of the status quo. This change will be for the best, but may be met with resistance or possibly even fear. This is not unusual, but it is unwarranted, as the changes ushered in by this card are always for the best. You may be in a transitional period where you have ended one phase and are in the period before the new phase has begun.  This ending or change could be characterized as the completion of one phase in a persons life which leads directly into the next. It could be from childhood into adulthood. From Graduating school, to being set free into the ‘real world’. From parenthood into the ’empty nest’ stage. From leaving one job or career to moving  into or searching for another position. Or the possibility of moving from a place you have become familiar and comfortable with to relocate somewhere new and unfamiliar. Or even the need to leave a relationship that is no longer providing growth, fidelity or even safety any longer without knowing what will happen next. With change we break free from the status quo and have to face the unknown. And with the unknown, there is usually an element of fear which in turn can make us resist this much needed change. Just know this. This is a necessary change which will bring about growth, fertility, success and happiness. As with DEATH, this is something we may fear and even resist, but in the end, all we will accomplish by resisting this change, is to waste time and precious resources fighting what in the end is inevitable anyway. Don’t be afraid to cut away all the deadwood that is stealing your life and vitality. It’s time to let it go so the new can enter, thrive and grow.

Another meaning for this card is transforming ourselves. If we haven’t been living the best versions of ourselves, it’s time to remedy that and transform ourselves into better people. If we have been wearing a mask made up of what we think other people want us to be like, look like, act like and it is hiding our true identity… it’s time to remove that mask. To step into, or Transform ourselves into the true and authentic selves we were meant to be. Stop hiding yourself away or making yourself act small or tough to meet someone else’s needs or expectations. It’s well past time to shine your true and unique light into a world in real danger of plunging into darkness due to negligence, fake and artificial… EVERYTHING! The world needs your light,  your quirkiness, your unique beauty, your talents, your skills and your voice. The world needs you. YOU need you. Not the you that you think others want you to be, but the REAL authentic you. Be big. Be bold. Be Bright. Be YOU!

Illustration from the Connolly Tarot Deck by Peter Paul Connolly. Created by Eileen Connolly c.1990. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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(also known as the Prince of Stones or the Knight of Pentacles)

~Responsible~Service~Labor~Worker~Naturalist~Morality~Positive Changes~  ~Civic Minded~Deliberate~Loyal~Careful~Kind~Considerate~Utilitarian~Steady~Dependable~Predictable~Unhurried~Slow Movement~Practical~Trustworthy~Mountain Man~Veterinarian~Farmer~Architect~Planner~Orchardist~Agriculturist~Loves Nature, Animals, Family & Children~

 The Son of Stones, also known as the Prince of Stones. Or, the Knight of Pentacles in more traditional Tarot Decks; carries the meaning of servitude and responsibility. Responsibility for the Earth, the environment and especially, ones family/tribe/people. Taking care of the land and her people so that his children, their children and children thereafter, have clean air to breathe and a bountiful place to live for generations to come. He takes it upon himself to do whatever is necessary to assure there will be a good place and life to live for those he cares for.

 The Son of Stones is a person who works with his hands and with things concerning the land, finances, plants, animals, building and or construction, utilities, and who is of service to his family and community. He takes his work and responsibilities seriously because others are relying on him. He is a laborer who doesn’t shirk his duties and whom will keep at a task until it’s done. No matter how long it takes. He doesn’t cut corners or do shoddy work because others lives depend upon him. Whether human, plant, animal or the planet itself, they can count on him to do whatever it takes to assure there well-being and longevity.

 Others may think he is too serious or that he is predictable and boring, but this is because he takes it upon himself to make sure the work gets done. He IS practical, responsible and hard working. But he is also kind, considerate and generous with his time, energy and affection. He loves animals and children and will give you the shirt off his back if he thinks you need it. And once his work is done, his time is all yours. He is a trustworthy, committed and passionate lover. He is someone whom you and others can always count on to be there for you if you need a helping hand. Even if he seems ‘a little rough around the edges’,  have no doubt… he is a gentle man who will always have your back. 

As a physical description, he will usually be a young man in his 30’s to mid 40’s. Dark hair, eyes and frequently darker skin tones. Although he is usually a man, it can also describe a woman who exhibits the character traits of the Son of Stones. You could encounter or have interactions with someone matching the Son of Stone’s physical or character traits this week.  Zodiac signs associated with the Son of Stones are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Jesus was in his 30’s, a Capricorn, a builder, responsible for the lives of all people of the world and gave his all for those he loved… Us!!! Jesus was a great example of a Son of Stones. Chief Seattle of the Suquamish and Duwamish Indian tribes of the coastal Northwest U. S. state of Washington and whom the city of Seattle is named after, is another great example of a Son of Stones. He felt a deep responsibility towards peace and, not only his people, but the preservation of the land itself and to insure his people, for generations to come, would have peace and a clean and sustainable place to live. A Son of Stones type will always be more concerned about the welfare of the land and its creatures, as well as for others, than for his own welfare. Count yourself lucky to be in his presence and at your service because you can trust this person and be assured that you are in good hands.

Illustration from The Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl, c.1990. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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Your dream will come true~Your chosen path is the right one for you~Heaven supports you fully on your mission~Your material needs will be taken care of~Take action steps towards the realization of your dream~Break your dream into achievable baby steps so that it’s easier to start and keep going.

 The message from Aine: “Procrastinating about your dreams won’t make them go away. Neither will it make them happen. Indecision is the death of the soul’s burning passion to improve, grow, and learn. Don’t worry about making a wrong decision. Instead, worry about making no decision at all! Then take time to pray, meditate, investigate, research, go on nature walks… and make your decision.  

Once made, the universal energies will immediately support your decision, and doors will successively open as if by magic. The magic, you see, is that you’ve set your mind to accomplish something. And this intention is what sets you on your magical journey. Trust that the universe supports you in all ways. Trust that your intention is clear and right for you. And then take a leap of faith and jump fully and squarely into the midst of putting your dreams into action. Don’t hesitate or delay a moment longer!”

Artwork by Ruth Sanderson from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue, Copyright 2004. Published and distributed in the United States by Life Styles, Hay House, Inc.

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Card #1: THE SITUATION: 9 of Water: With the 9 of Waters as the situation this week, it is assuring you that something you have wished for will be manifesting itself in your life very soon. You may find you will be very satisfied with how something turns out or that you finally have come to a stage in your life where you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck or where you ‘have enough’ with more where that came from and you are set for the future in an area in your life. But even though you find you are very satisfied with what you will accomplish, don’t become complacent and lazy. That attitude can literally mean you will become ‘fat and happy’, but not healthy enough to enjoy it… keep moving forward. Or just keep moving as this card can symbolize weight gains because you’ve overindulged in your good fortune! This is the ‘dream come true’ card so is one the the best cards in the deck to receive! It is the ‘Genie in the bottle’, but it does carry the added meaning to ‘be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!’ As an example, you wanted a fancy new car  and you are finally able to get a loan for it. Or you wish for the person you’ve had your eye on to come into your life as your new love interest and it finally happens…. Great! But, not so fast! You may get that new car, but find out later that you can’t afford the payments AND the gas to drive it. Or, you may get that person you’ve had your eye on as your new lover, but you didn’t count on the fact that they came with a spouse too! So choose your words carefully when formulating your wishes or prayers because it may turn out to be more than you bargained for in the end! But, with thoughtful wishes and prayers, you will be getting your dream come true!

CARD #2: CHALLENGE  : 7 of Earth: With the 7 of Earth as your challenge card, it can show that you have wished and waited for something or worked for something so long and hard with nothing to show for it, that you have finally just given up on it. This can put you in a fatalistic state of mind where you won’t recognize that it is FINALLY happening for you and your wish is actually coming true. All your hard work or waiting has paid off and your wish is finally coming true! There’s nothing left for you to do. The work is done or the time has finally come for the pay off! But with the wrong attitude, you might not recognize it when it shows up, or your negativity could actually chase off the very thing you had hoped for!

In SUMMARY: Even though it may have taken quite some time for your wish or desire to materialize, the time has come to receive. Now you must open your eyes and your heart in order to lift your spirits enough to recognize and accept the gift when it arrives. Be ready and expectant for it to happen for you so you don’t end up chasing it off or letting it pass you by! There’s nothing left for you to do but receive and say a big grateful “YES”!!! All that hard work, waiting and effort has finally paid off, so be open and ready to receive. Congratulations!!!

 The Good Tarot   by Collette Baron-Reid c. 2017. Published in the U.S. by Lifestyles, Hay House, Inc.   *To purchase this deck, click on the deck name.

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