The card chosen for this week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post Reading is the TEN of RAPHAEL. In more traditional decks this card is known as the 10 of Cups or Hearts. Yes, when we see this card, it is a good omen for a loving long-term relationship, marriage, or loving partnership with the possibility of a harmonious Family life and within existing Family relationships. But, also, in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic that is impacting us all world wide; seeing this card is asking us to put our focus on the health and well-being of those we love. It is asking us to be aware of, take care of, be responsible and grateful for our friends, family and loved ones. Have you been estranged from your parent? Haven’t talked to your Grandparents in ages? Had a fight with your Partner, Spouse, Child, Sibling, Friend and aren’t speaking? This card suggests this is a perfect time to mend fences, pick up the phone, shoot off a text and tell that person how much they mean to you. This card is all about Harmony in relationships, especially with a Loved one and Family member. Create a Happy-Ever-After Story!

 Many of us have had our schools, Restaurants & Bars as well as most of our sports, entertainment and social gatherings put on hold for the time being. Many of  us have been asked to work from home or our business have had to close for the time being and we have been sent home to wait the virus out. All these measures are for the good of all our people, but this means families are for the first time spending unprecedented amounts of time together. While this can seem overwhelming at first, don’t forget to also see the blessings it can bring. We now have time for each other. We can get the chance to really connect with and get to know each other again. Do you have children but since they started school you are so frazzled just getting them to and from their various engagements that you never have any time to actually learn what’s going on in their lives? Do you feel you actually know them? Are you and your mate so busy with work and appointments that you are like two ships passing in the night? You get up at different times of the day, drive two different cars, eat in different places or times, and are so tired from your hectic day that you both just fall into bed at night,  barely with enough energy left to say a proper goodnight. This slow down in social outside interaction could just be what your relationship(s) has desperately needed. No outside distractions, no meetings, no school, no sports practices to get to. Just your family and you with lots of time and closeness on your hands. Count your blessings. You’ll find they are many. Sure there are going to be big adjustments and at first everyone may be grumbling at being ‘stuck’ with each other. But in short order, you will learn to actually enjoy each other’s company. Learn new things about each other. Have game nights, watch movies while munching on popcorn, have fun without ever leaving home (not to mention the money you’ll save not going out for entertainment!) Protect not only your own Family and Love’s, but accept the responsibility of protecting those in your community and in the high-risk categories as well as the Families and Love’s of others, without grumbling. Let’s all do our part to end this thing. In the meantime, count your blessings, wash your hands often, stay home if you can and enjoy your time together with your Family. This is not only a disaster, it’s an opportunity for love. Let’s all live ‘Happily-Ever-After’! Stay well my lovelies!!!

Illustration by Jeff Bedrick for the Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck by Radleigh Valentine c.2018. Published and distributed by Hay House, Inc.

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Two Card Tarot/Oracle Reading














Card #1: THE SITUATION: PRINCESS of STAVES: The Princess of Staves as a situation is signifying that you or someone you’ll encounter this week is likely to receive a message having to do with a project, career, move or something you/they are passionate or excited about. This message may be of a sudden or unexpected nature and may come in the form of an email, text message, letter by snail mail, a phone call or just be received in a good ol’ face to face conversation. Whatever the message, it will be good news or inform  you/them of an opportunity of some kind. This Princess can also indicate you or they will either be young, young at heart or someone whom acts immature. They are full of energy, optimistic, driven, and enthusiastic for change or adventure. They are intense and focused, and at times may seem to others a little strange. They can be bursting at the seams with excitement because they have all sorts of ideas, information, beliefs or pet projects they are passionate about and want to share with anyone in their vicinity.  They may talk a blue streak, a mile a minute, never take a breath, interrupt or not allow others to get a word in edge wise. They want to shout their news from the roof tops and  be so excited to tell someone that they don’t wait to find someone who is  interested in hearing the news they have to tell. So their message may fall on deaf ears or be ignored because they just couldn’t settle down long enough to tell the people who would actually be interested in what they have to say. This could lead to a state of dejection, being dismissed as silly or feeling rejected, unheard or unimportant. They may have trouble sitting still or staying in the same place for long, so they move around a lot and others may think of them as scatterbrains or unstable. They can be seen as temperamental, stubborn, close minded or unrealistic. On the flip side, if their message is delivered to someone of like mind, they are taken as enthusiastic, optimistic, a breathe of fresh air, a joy to be around and someone you want on your team because they are so lively, intense and passionate about whatever it is they believe in.

CARD #2: CHALLENGE  : OPENING MY MIND: “I allow myself to see beyond my own beliefs and ideas.” When your mind opens, you are no longer limited by fearful beliefs or at odds with your own healing journey. With an open mind, you are aware of a bigger cosmic picture, where your personal life ushers in your highest potential by uplifting the consciousness of humanity. As your mind opens, life is not just centered around your personal gains and losses but shining your light for the well-being of all, wherever you happen to be. This mantra is ideal for: ending the inner negotiation with ego, unraveling self-sabotage, and confronting the inevitability of loss.

In SUMMARY: It’s possible that you may be so amour-ed with your own beliefs, ideas and passions that you become closed off to opportunities for growth, others or are giving off the wrong vibes. This is a form of self-defeatism or self-sabotage because you narrow your point of view so much that you appear hostile and unapproachable or you just can’t see the bigger picture that is right in front of you! By doing this, you in turn can become either ego-eccentric and self-important or withdrawn and small. By opening your mind to other people, opportunities and possibilities… you can then see the bigger picture and enlist the help of others to carry out the bigger plan for the betterment of all. Embrace an energy of teamwork so that it allows everyone the ability to stand in there own bright light. So open up and let the sunshine in! Shine, baby shine!

 The  Goddess  Tarot   by Kris Waldherr c. 1997. Published and distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA

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This week’s Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card is The SUN. What a great card to start the month of March as well as the week with. When we think of the Sun, we feel warm, relaxed, sensual, excited and revitalized! Good things happen under the warmth of the Sun. The SUN represents warm temperatures, sunny vacations, sandy beaches, playfulness and the feeling of freedom and liberty from worries and cares. It brings back the feelings we had in our youth during summer break. Being carefree, young, beautiful, footloose and fancy free. When we feel the warmth of the SUN touch our skin, it brings a sensual essence with it that gives us liberation from our inhibitions and a stirring desire for love. Our relationships seem better and more fulfilling, our body feels healthy and full of sensual vigor, and our mind is free to daydream for hours on end. The heat of the SUN fills us with a renewed sense of power on a very personal level that makes us feel we can accomplish anything and everything. We want to be outside moving our bodies, planting and nurturing our creations, exploring, growing and playing like we are kids again.  It really doesn’t even matter what the weather is doing, this is all about that sunny feeling and energy!

This is the energy of the SUN that we can look forward to experiencing this week! Sounds great doesn’t it? There is a bit of a warning when we see this card though… stay exposed too long in the extreme heat of the SUN, and you might get burned! So although you can indulge in the energy and sultriness of the SUN for awhile, don’t throw all your caution to the wind, spend all your money during your vacation or give in to a forbidden lover.  If you go to extremes while having fun under the influence of the SUN., you may feel the sting of it’s rays when you have to face the consequences of you actions when the SUN goes down! You can look forward to good times and circumstances, good health and vitality, great relations in your marriage, warm or sensual feelings, good relationships of all kinds and a warm comfortable atmosphere at home or on vacation. Freedom, liberation of cares and worries, a free spirit and mind. Youthfulness, playfulness, carefree and creative energy, growth and beauty and maybe a vacation is in store for you this week. However the SUN manifests for you this week, you can expect to be optimistic, enthusiastic and downright happy basking in the warmth of the SUN. Peace, freedom, health, youthful vigor, growth, playfulness and sensuality fills our energy fields this week, so go have some fun! Enjoy!!!

Illustrationss for The Good Tarot by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Authored by Colette Barron-Reid c.2017. Published & distributed in the United States by Hay House, Inc.

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Three of Tines

This week we have drawn the Three of Tines for our Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card. This card in other more traditional Tarot decks is called the Three of Wands or Rods. In the Three of Tines, we are introduced to the concept of 1 + 2  = 3, growth, advancement, pushing the borders of your comfort zone, expansion,  the entrepreneur,  partnership, creation, advice and support. This moves us right along in the suit of Tines. In the Ace, it was a call to wake up and start fresh with new ideas coming from a spirit (and literally from Spirit, or intuition if you prefer to call it that) of enthusiasm and drive which provided us with a new sense of passion for life. Then, presuming we all took that spark, idea or energy and advanced it further (which would have brought us to the Two of Tines), we then made a plan or blueprint (mentally or actually wrote it down) of what we want to do with that idea, spark or energy. That brings us to this weeks card… the Three of Tines.

With the Three of Tines, you begin to look for or search out opportunities and support that will actually move your ideas and plans further towards its actual creation. You look around from where you are now and begin to see that there are opportunities that you hadn’t even considered before that could advance you/your idea or plan further. And perhaps, something outside of where you currently are now comes to your attention that you wouldn’t even had considered before. It’s possible that you are being nudged by the Universe to step outside your comfort zone and look for, take notice of or accept something or someone totally new and outside of your usual  box of 8 crayons, as my husband is known to say! (He says there are only 8 colors in his box of crayons (symbolizing he thinks Rationally, in black & white, facts & statistics, right or wrong answers),while I have the BIG box of crayons which holds his 8 colors as well as every color in between and then some (meaning, I think in terms of infinite; where there are unlimited possibilities, shades of gray and every other color, and no definite right or wrong answers; which he at times finds totally unnecessary  and maddening! LOL) .

The Three of Tines is also about how we all start out as an individual, then we become a couple or add a concrete plan by putting it down on paper. Then, in the Three of Tines, we add to those two influences by creating something totally new from them. Adding and expanding yet again by creating a  child or adopting a child or animal to become a family.  This can also mean we start with an idea, concept, conception. Then we make a plan, prototype, fetus, application, manuscript, drawing, rough draft or blueprint of how we want it to turn out; then in the Three of Tines we look for opportunities and/or support in order to take action to implement our plan and we make a new creation.  In business, we had an idea, then we made a game plan on what it would look like and how we could get there, and then in the Three of Tines, we look for opportunities to advance our idea and implement our plan and we then create our product or business and bring it into the world. We also find support,  sponsorship or an advisor to help us advance and succeed. This could come in the form of spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, legal or the advice of someone whom has succeeded in doing what you are trying to do now…. someone who has been there, done that and can support and help you get there too. They know the steps to take to get you where you want to go. But you have to be aware, since this advisor or backer is already where you want to be, they can unintentionally compete with us or take over and act like ‘The Boss’.  That was not in the original plans in the first place, so be sure you stay in control of your ‘baby’.

The Three of Wands can also suggest that your idea may have included the thought that you would like to travel overseas. Or that to find the kind of success or support you are looking for, it may be necessary to look, send or go overseas or to look outside the box box or comfort zone to find or accept an opportunity that may lead to the success you want… even if just the thought of it makes you uneasy or afraid. You may need to face your fears and doubts head on in order to succeed or create the life, project, product or creation you want. Here there is also a time of gestation, of  waiting to see what our efforts will produce.  During this time  we can continue to accept opportunities or create even more growth while we “wait for our ships to come in” so to speak.  The theme is: we are in the process of creation or creating what we desire. So this week, look around for opportunities and support needed to actually create or advance your ideas, plans, business, project, your family or life.  This card often means creating something you will be caring for or handling on your own. This could be becoming a single parent, starting your own business, writing a book, or becoming an entrepreneur. But even though you intend to keep this as your baby, you will need a supporting cast. A partner  or agency if you want to create or acquire a new family member. An editor and publisher if you plan on writing a book. A financial backer or manufacturer if you are creating a product. Or an advisor or personal support in any venture or change you want to implement in your life. So be prepared to enlist help if you want to grow and succeed in life.    You had an idea or spark, then you made a plan or blueprint of your idea or intentions, and now you are being asked to set out to create it. It’s all about creation and creating what you want in your life and the added support necessary to make it a reality. So don’t be afraid to enlist or ask the help and assistance of others or to  go out and create whatever it is that you want in life. An idea is just a dream until you take action to make it a reality. Make it happen!!!!

Illustration by Renee Christine Yates, from Faery Wicca Tarot,by Kisma Stepanich, C. 1999, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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Pick one of the Cards in the picture below for your Oracle Reading of the week.

No Peeking…

or scrolling ahead until you pick your Card. Use your intuition. Which Card is calling to you? Then choose Card 1, 2, or 3. After you have chosen your Card…



scroll down and read the message it holds for you for the week ahead.






jasper red

~Nurture                    ~Care                    ~Protection            ~Energy flow           ~Life force

You may soon find yourself drawn into a situation in which you feel compelled to care for and protect someone who is in need of help. This may be a person or a pet that has recently suffered some kind of trauma and is suffering from anxiety or depression. Your love and attention will help them heal and simultaneously you will subconsciously heal an aspect of yourself that is also yearning to be nurtured. You will heal an emotional trauma you experienced in the past, possibly in your childhood, or it may even stem from a past life. There is no need to recollect the past or try to figure anything out. Remember that we each mirror one another and self-healing automatically occurs when we care for another’s needs.

Trust in the healing power of love.



 ~Change             ~Creativity              ~Sexuality                 A new phase in your life is just around the corner. Creative possibilities surface from a chance encounter with someone new. This encounter stimulates inspiration, passion and a greater optimism for life. Your sexual energy is also on the rise and this draws new people and circumstances into your life that you will find exciting and stimulating. Wonderful changes are in store for you, yet you are also being warned to be cautious. Appearances can often be deceiving, so look for inner beauty and truth before you allow yourself to be swept off your feet.



~Preservation         ~Duality                     ~Psychic awareness           Your powers of perception are strong at present and you will experience a heightened of others’ thoughts and intuitively understand their motives and actions.

By drawing this card you are being encouraged to follow your feelings and instincts. Rely on your intuition rather than on what others say – follow your gut feeling, for in doing so you will preserve the integrity of a project or situation which is dear to your heart. In this instance, you are being encouraged not to listen to the conflicting opinions of others; listen instead to the guidance which stems from your own soul and all will work out well.

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno, c.2004. Published by Blue Angel Publishing. Victoria, Australia 3150


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Queen of Wands


Self-Confident~Follows her  instincts, hunches & gut reactions~

Planter of ideas~Supporter~ Magnetic~Dynamic~

The Boss Lady~


Fierce Protector of who & what she loves~Sexual~Inspiring~Fiery~Growth seeking /giving~

Career Woman~

Business Owner~


Female Entrepreneur~

Self-Contained Power-house, Energetic~Self-Starter~

Womanly power & Mystic~

Think Lioness (see the Black Cat? Her power and knowledge come from a mysterious source or is other worldly)

Can be a Country Woman~

She’s HOT and makes no apologizes for it, she owns it!

Illustration from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne c. 2013 Copyright  Lo Scarabeo Publishers. Lo Scarabeo Via Cigna 110 – 10155 Torino, Italy.    Re-posted from Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post 7/1/2019


This weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post card is The Queen of Wands.  She is magnetic, theatrical, dramatic and sexually alluring. Look at the symbolism in this card. Sunflowers means growth. The Wand means Power. The Crown means Authority. The Black Cat means Support as well as Mystique and other worldly knowledge, even Feline Prowess, Power & the ability to see the invisible & know what is hidden in a person or a situation. She is instinctive. The colors in the cards shed additional meaning. Gold shows her Regalness and Authority. Touches of Red show her passionate nature. Black shows her Mysterious Mystique and ability to see into other worlds. Brown her nourishing and supportive aspects. Orange shows her courage, fire,  self-confidence, creativity and sexuality. Yellow shows her intuition, her sunny, energetic disposition. Green shows she not only rules with her intuition and gut feelings, but with her heart. But notice that she just barely has hints of blue (in the sleeves of her dress) because this Queen is not ruled by her emotions… that realm belongs to the Queen of Cups. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve. This Queen is all about Power.  When she enters a room she commands the attention of all present, whether she speaks a word or not! Her very presence fills a room and she enchants anyone who makes contact with her. She is Self-confident and uses her instincts and intuition to make decisions rather than relying purely on logic. She is a career woman and self-assurance is her middle name. She loves being in the limelight and can become rather pouty or downright mean if she feels someone is stealing her thunder! She is both sides of the feminine; the encouraging, giving, caretaker, but if you cross her or those under her care in any way, she can tear you a new one (if you catch my drift)! She is the embodiment of the Female Boss Lady (Think of the Movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ starring Meryl Streep). Her theme songs would be Helen Redy’s ‘I am Woman’ & Shania Twain’s ‘Every Woman’. She is Kali in the Disney movie Moana and in the tales of many Cultures. She is the feminine power of the element Fire. If she takes you under her wing, she will do everything in her power to make sure you succeed. She signifies growth, creation, ideas, instinct, creativity, confidence and sexual allure. This week you will either meet someone that embodies this woman’s qualities, or you will embody these qualities yourself. So if you meet this woman or find yourself interacting with her, be sure you stay on her good side, as she can make good things happen for you. If you get on her bad side, she can and will make life miserable for you. If this card indicates YOU, you are owning your own power, being authentic,  feeling confident, creative and in control of yourself,  the situation and all those around you. 
You can create success for yourself and/or for those you hold dear. This can be a female (usually), but can indicate the feminine side of a male just as easily. Everyone has both male  and female energies within them. This card bodes well in ones career or if you are a Domestic Goddess whom makes a home, a home. She creates a welcoming space in her home and makes it warm and welcoming. All in all a very good card if you are seeking confidence and creativity in any career, environment or situation… as long as you don’t cross her, or if it’s you, no one should cross you!             

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The card for this weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post is THE TOWER. This is another one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck which indicates you will be going through another intense lesson, phase or event this week. When we see a Major Arcana card, this isn’t a day to day thing, this is something BIG. This lessen, phase or event could be on the Spiritual plane or something that will impact your day to day life on a deep inner level. Looking at THE TOWER card probably sends shivers down your spine or a sense of foreboding. This can be the case, because it can mean a sudden and unexpected ending or change in events that will rock your World. It can be something that shatters your World or something that is earth shattering. Whatever it is, it comes as a BIG surprise or impacts you in a BIG way.

 Does this mean something bad is about to happen? Not necessarily. Surprises can be a good thing… like receiving a surprise party or a promotion or marriage proposal or unexpected help or backing of a project from an unlikely source. You could receive an idea, a break through in thinking or understanding of a situation that has perplexed or escaped you up to this point. An example of this could be seen as when a writer has been experiencing writers block and suddenly is struck with an idea that shatters that block to pieces and they can’t type fast enough to keep up with the inflow of thoughts or information received. Or when you’ve been trying to grasp the ‘why’  or ‘how’ of something and all of the sudden the information just pops into your head. You experience an ‘ah-ha’ or ‘eureka ‘ moment. You could get some surprising and unexpected news and are dumbfounded. Gasp!!! …  ‘You could have knocked me down with a feather’ type of news. Something you never would of expected in a million years! These ‘surprises’ can be welcome, or not so much.

On the flip side of the coin, this card can be earth shattering news that you never would of expected and that came out of the blue without warning. You are notified the company you’ve worked for over 10 years is experiencing hardships and has to reduce it’s workforce and yours is one of the positions that is being cut. You come home from work only to find the house you’ve been renting for years burnt to the ground. Your longtime partner walks into the living room holding a suitcase and announces they have met someone new and are moving in with them… tonight! You have your yearly physical for work and the Doctor informs you ‘they’ve found a lump’ while doing your breast exam.  While there is no doubt that all the things indicated here are earth shattering or even life changing, they may have occurred for the best. It could be that you’ve been going to a job you hate and that has been crushing your spirit for the past 10 years. You’ve wanted to leave this job to pursue your life’s mission, but you’ve been afraid to leave because ‘it pays the bills’. But now that you have been forced out of complacency, you take this as an opportunity to follow your dream. Your rental house has been burnt to the ground leaving you no choice but to find somewhere else to live. You’ve been wanting to buy a house of your own for years, but the actual task of moving all your stuff after years of accumulation held you where you were at. With little left to move, and an insurance check in your hand, you have the opportunity to buy that house and start fresh. You may have been just going through the motions with your partner because it was ‘comfortable’ or you didn’t want to be alone. But now that they have left, you are open to receive a new love in your life… possibly your soulmate that has been waiting in the wings for sometime. Your Doctor informs you that they found a lump. Not news you want to hear, but news you needed to hear in order to catch it early and save your life. These are all life changing, earth shattering things that alter the path of your life or even your spirit and the way you’ll forever look at or live your life. But in all these instances, the changes made, although nothing you would have done or chosen on your own, will clear the way for a better life.

Whether this ‘surprise’ is taken as good or bad, it will be for your greater good. Note that even though this is a life altering event, news, or breakthrough that may shatter, awaken, force or even shake your very foundation or way you have been going through or about life; there is light in the windows, a new dawn on the horizon and opportunity for new growth and nourishment that will spring from these times. There will be life long lessons learned that can serve you for the rest of your life. Just know, whatever comes your way, you can handle it. Spirit has your back. Look for the rainbow in the storm. The silver lining in the clouds. Keep positive and know ‘this to shall pass’. Use these lessons, events and phases to your advantage. Grow the conditions that you do want in your life. You are being handed an opportunity for a better life if you can take action rather than just re-acting. Look forward. Keep going. Don’t get bogged down or stuck in the negativity of the moment. You are being handed a clean slate in which to work with. What will you build?!!

An Eddison ~ Sadd Edition. The Druid Craft Tarot, Illustrastions c. by Will Worthington, Text c. by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm 2004. First St. Martin’s Edition 2004. Edited, designed and produced by Eddison Sadd Editions Limited. St Chad’s House, 148 King’s Cross Road, London WCIX 9DH

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This week’s card is THE MAGICIAN. It is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards that alerts you that you are going through or about to go through a major lesson or event in your life. With THE MAGICIAN, you can expect to focus on or bring out your ‘Yang’ or male energy. You could be honing a skill or creating something unique, because it can only come from you. It comes  from deep inside of you where it has been gestating… Waiting for the perfect time, the perfect conditions,  to come forth into the world. Be this some form of art or something else that was once only a dream or idea coming from your imagination, but is now being brought into form and being made tangible. This energy is more forceful and brings with it the ability to take an intention or goal that has been up to now just a whisper from your soul or a longing in your heart,  and manifest it… make it real. This energy is your life force, your energy and physical vitality. Your reason for being, or the nagging from your soul to make things happen. To get started on something, to make it happen, to make it so! In some circles, this life force energy is known as kundalini energy. This is where your zest for life and passion reside. Yes, it can be your sexuality, a physical desire, a person, or some thing  that drives you to create what you seek to manifest in life. But it can just as well be a passion for a cause that you hold dear to you and that will propel you forward with courage and determination. This card has an air of taking responsibility with it. Here it is the responsibility to use your power and energy to manifest only positive things in this world and in your life. To use your personal power to do good for yourself and others or the earth herself. This card is telling you that you now have the power and energy as well as the tools and drive at your disposal to manifest what you desire. You now have what it takes to manifest your goals. Don’t run over people or do any harm while you are doing it though, or you will fail. ‘Do no harm’ is the moto here. It is also possible that you will encounter a person, usually male, but could be a powerful or ‘take charge’ kind of gal whom emits a sense of power, confidence, determination and vitality as well as the ability to take charge and get things done. This person is very magnetic, sensual, self-assured and claims their power and ability to make something happen proudly. Whether romantically or in a more general sense… you want to be or be affiliated with this powerhouse of a person. This person could be a side of yourself that is now ready to emerge from the depths of your being and take it’s rightful place, openly and proudly in the world.  You are now ready to stop acting small and own your greatness authentically and without shame. You or they are confident, bigger than life, authoritative, a born leader and have the ability to create whatever they desire and you can trust that your/their intentions are pure.  The traditional meaning is ‘with wisdom and skill, he/she harnesses energy into force, and force into power for the benefit of mankind.’ This person could also indicate a Physician you encounter this week, who will be one that is very capable and whom you can trust. This week, THE MAGICIAN is telling you to take that idea, dream, desire you’ve held inside up till now, and… Make is so! You have the power to do anything you wish. You always have because it’s  available in an infinite supply from the universal source. Always has been, always will be. The only difference is that now you are ready to receive it! Get out there and take action! Get to manifesting! Make it real! Make it happen! Be confident, be powerful, be courageous, be determined, be YOU! Shine, baby, shine!!!

 As far as the symbology in this card goes, note that the man is holding a wand… perhaps a magic wand to make something appear or manifest. He’s got an idea, a dream, or a plan in mind and he’s going to use his energy, power, passion and enthusiasm to materialize that idea and bring it into form. ‘As above (the thought, idea or spiritual message that is as of yet without form), so below’ (the idea is brought down to the earthly plane and then manifested and given a physical form). The man’s wand is raised high to grasp and channel that dream, wish, thought, idea or message, and directed downward toward the earth and toward his table of ‘tools’, in order to ‘make it so ‘. To manifest it and make it real or get the job done. See the symbol of infinity floating above his head? This indicates that the power, energy and ability or skill the universe has given you or them is always available for use… it never runs out, it is an infinite source. The tools on the table … the Wand of power,  energy, creation and passion, which is available for you/them to use to create with and symbolizes the suit of Wands in the Tarot deck. The Sword of thought, clarity, action and justice is available to use to see the idea turn into action but which is pure of intent, fair and just, and symbolizes the suit of SWORDS in the Tarot deck. The Cup which is full of your hearts desires and feelings, tells you to trust spirit and your intuition and provides the emotions, heart and compassion needed to keep you on the straight and narrow and ‘do no harm’ and symbolizes the suit of CUPS in the Tarot deck. The Pentacle or coin symbolizes the tangible, physical, material world of form that we live and create in. The Pentacle symbolizes what we manifest. Our mundane, everyday lives where safety, security, possessions, finances and ‘things’ we need and create to make our lives easier reside. These Pentacles or Coins symbolize the suit of Pentacles or Coins in the Tarot deck. We should also note the cloak he is wearing is deep red, symbolizing the man’s passion, life force and energy and the infinity sign clasp at his neck that insures he always has these things close to him and at his disposal in infinite supply. He also is wearing a white shirt to indicate that his intentions are pure. There are also white Lilies that mirror his pure intent and act as a reminder to only use ones power for good. Notice the red Rose. This is symbolizing again how our passion can be put to good use in order to give our lives deep emotional connections and be rich with abundance, inner success and meaning. This also indicates the importance of love and loved ones in our lives and how they can give us passion and purpose. Notice also, the greenery. This symbolizes the abundance that comes from continued growth and creation. This is echoed in the color of his belt and suggests the direction we should aspire to… go forward in life;  create, grow and prosper. Then as we look up in this card, we see a great and steep wall surrounding the man. This symbolizes both protection from above while we create and manifest in the world, but it also reminds us that things may get difficult and the going may get steep or tough at times. But we need to remember during those times, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ We have the skill, power and everything else we need in infinite supply. We will be protected and safe as long as we keep our thoughts and deeds pure in intent and do no harm. Then last but not least, we have a bright sunny sky with an infinity sign floating high above, indicating  that we are provided with an infinite amount of power, energy, skill, tools, determination, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, drive and regeneration from above. It’s ours for the taking any time we need it. So this week, you are being asked to notice and put into use/action; the ability to lead, be authentic, become or manifest something for the greater good. Make it happen.  ‘Make it so!’

Illustration from the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck by Bill Greer, under the direction of Lloyd Morgan, c.1979.  Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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 As with all Aces, here we have a card of new beginnings, and since our card for this week is from the suit of CUPS; this new beginning will be in the realm of the emotions. You can expect a new beginning or to feel like you did the first time you experienced a particular emotion. This feeling could be that all encompassing feeling of falling in love. The feeling of being filled with pure joy, like you did as a child when you got a new puppy. A feeling of contentment, as if all is right in your world… right here, right now. The nourishment that comes from loving and being loved. Whether this is self-love or the love of another.  Growth and fertility which comes from our creativity, feelings, imagination, intuition and from spirit itself, which manifests as the abundance in our lives. The ACE of CUPS is the card of finding love or appreciation for someone or something, falling in love, infatuation, the birth or adoption of a child/pet/creative or art project. New feelings coming forth such as; peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, contentment and love. Your cup runneths over because you are so full of joy, contentment, happiness, goodwill and love, that you can’t contain it all. This is also the card that indicates you may be opening up to messages from spirit, angels, God, the Universe, the Source, and your own intuition or even beginning to receive psychic impressions. You are beginning to feel grateful and blessed from above and nourished deeply on a soul felt basis.

The symbolism in the card shows literally, a cup so full of water (water symbolizes the emotions, usually of love, joy, peace and contentment) that it can’t be contained and is running over the brim and spilling from it’s base. The cup itself is made of precious gold, indicating the vessel that holds all the precious emotions. Above the cup is a dove which symbolizes peace and love and in it’s beak is a wafer of bread (bread symbolizes nourishment and in this case, that which nourishes our spirit and emotions comes from Spirit) with the sign of the cross which indicates the nourishment, peace and love comes from above, from spirit/God/the Universe/ Source. Also, adorning the cup and encircling the stem, or that which supports us, are a group of the purple (the color of spirit and the color of Authority and Virtue) crystal Amethyst, which symbolizes the 7th Energy Chakra which is our connection to spirit. The hand coming out of the cloud offering us this overflowing cup of goodness comes from a source which is there, yet unseen… this is a symbolism of the importance of our faith and in knowing that we are cared for and nourished by spirit. We can also see the lotus blossoms that indicates the peace that comes from having faith in spirit. Everything is watered and fed by the emotions which in turn makes the flowers grow and the lily pads lush and fertile. There is one unopened blossom which indicates the promise and potential of a new beginning or birth.      

So, with this weeks Purple Swan Tarot Blog Post, you can expect a new beginning from an emotional standpoint. One that brings with it; love, joy, contentment, growth, creativity, insight, opening up to receiving messages from spirit or your intuition and a feeling of having abundance in your life.                             

Wishing you all Love & Light,    

Purple Swan*

Illustration from The New Palladini Tarot Deck by David Palladini c.1996. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902 USA.

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The Tarot Card for this weeks Tarot Reading blog post is: THE WORLD. THE WORLD is a major arcana card, which means you are going through a Major step, phase or transformation in your life at this time. THE WORLD suggests completion of one stage of your life before you begin a whole new phase. It can indicate you are coming to the conclusion that it is time to end something that has been of importance in your life, but no longer serves your best interest or is holding back your ability to grow and move forward. THE WORLD could be showing that you have completed a phase or project you have been working on for sometime, and now it is time to celebrate your accomplishments and all the hard work you have put in to get to this completion. It’s time to throw yourself a party, buy yourself a reward for a task well done, treat yourself to something special to celebrate making it through a rigorous or tough period. Whatever you have completed, take the time to acknowledge your accomplishment , celebrate however you feel is appropriate, and then get ready to move into the next brand new phase of your life.

 THE WORLD  is a card of things that go around in cycles. The seasons, rites of passage such as birth, puberty, graduations, marriage, childbearing, empty nest,  retirement, menopause, old age and death. Then the cycle starts all over again. Could be getting a job then leaving the current job and then getting a promotion or new and better job, or retiring all together. Starting school, going through school, completing school and finally celebrating this with a graduation ceremony. Finding a mate, marrying the mate, living a long and loving life together, or perhaps divorcing or a death  completes the cycle with that mate and then starting the process all over again or finding  love within yourself completes you. Cycles, completions, celebrations and rites of passage that allow you to end one phase, celebrate and/or acknowledge what has been completed, and then moving on, growing, and starting a new phase all over again.

 On the  solely physical plane; THE WORLD can indicate travel, especially overseas. Perhaps even an assignment or job or enlistment or extended stay is indicated. But this is definitely bigger or at least further than in the country or even continent that you live in currently. This is THE WORLD. Pat yourself on the back, throw a party, give yourself a hug, burn that old marriage certificate, hang that diploma on the wall! Whatever you have or need to complete, do it, celebrate it or have a ritualistic commemoration to acknowledge that it has been finished, then move on into your next new phase of life. Congratulations!!!

 THE WORLD can indicate Completion, the end of a way of life, success. A new beginning, a change of location, hope for the future. Triumph in the end. The admiration of friends. The breadth of possibilities. Cycles of of life.

illustration by Robin Wood, from The Robin Wood Tarot, by Robin Wood & Michael Short, C. 1991, Published by Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.

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