Knight of Wands

  • Speedy movement, momentum, energy, Travel (especially by land or inland, a change of residence, loves to go FAST, Herald of change for the better coming soon, Things that happen quickly
  • “Let’s GO!!!”, I Can do ANYTHING attitude, “Just DO IT!”
  • Impatient, Risk taker, Hasty, Restless, Quick Tempered
  • Charming, Handsome, Passionate, Adventurous, Lover of change, Young man (woman or someone whom embodies this energetic energy) 25-35 years old, Zodiac Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

This week’s Tarot Blog Post is all about the Knight of Wands is usually a really good card to see in a Tarot Reading. He can herald good changes in events comings soon. He is full of excitement, optimism for the near future and can indicate a trip or travel, usually by land is in the offerings this week. Are you planning  an adventure or vacation this week or visiting somewhere hot or going to go see someone … like a ‘hottie’?!!! Regardless, this person is someone who loves an adventure and is filled with excitement at the thought of doing something they have never tried before, going somewhere they haven’t been before, or even moving into a new place. They just love a change of scenery, change of residence, change of people and places, change of pace… usually a fast pace at that. They just love change in general. They are charming, good looking, the life of the party, and they have so much enthusiasm towards life and everything they do that it is contagious to everyone they come in contact with. They just love a good cause and are good at recruiting others to come along for the ride. They are fun loving and passionate, so expect a good time whenever they are around. They love taking risks just for the fun of it, so you may see them at the racetrack, skydiving, dirt biking, climbing the tallest and most challenging mountain around or skinny dipping in broad daylight just to see if they can get away with it. They know no limits, so they believe they can accomplish ANYTHING, and they are usually right.  Everything they do is done with a flourish and fast pace and they love making grand gestures! This Knight is the one you will see on the big screen at the baseball game proposing to his girl in living color. Singing Karaoke at the Bar and actually nailing every note even better than the recording star does. They drive a fast car and have a glove box full of unpaid speeding tickets because they don’t think rules and regulations apply to them and really, with a wink and a smile, they get away with A LOT!!! They have a devil-may-care attitude and an impish grin that can melt the coldest of hearts. They will sweep you off your feet and make made passionate love to you and leave you breathless. BUT… if you don’t play the game when they want or by their rules or you try to make them play by yours,  you’ll see all that hot passionate energy directed right back at you! They are quick to anger, and are probably the guy at the Bar who gets in a brawl because someone looked at his girlfriend for to long. They will become sulky and sullen if you turn them down for a date or need to work instead of going on one of their wild hair-brained adventures. But before you know it, with their charm and power of persuasion, they’ve talked you into changing the rules to THEIR rules, or they’ve talked you into ditching work, responsibilities or other prior plans to go play. And before you know it they’re all smiles again because life is great and it’s going just the way they planned it… THEIR WAY!!! You find yourself wondering, “How did they do that?!!!” as you’re going 90 miles an hour right past your place of work! Remember, the Knight of Wands is usually a young man, but can be anyone, including yourself. So, you may find that you are feeling invincible, a bit reckless, on top of the World, or like you have super powers and can achieve ANYTHING! You’ll have the power of persuasion, charm, the SUN itself on your side this week. Or you may find yourself on a sudden unplanned road trip or adventure or making love like you were 20 again in the backseat of your car! Whatever happens, it will be fast and exciting because this is the Prince of Fire after all, and he likes to burn hot and fast! So hang on to your hat and get ready for some excitement, because whenever you see this card in your Reading, expect change, movement, expect the unexpected, and expect it fast and furious!

Illustrations for The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood c.2002. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383 USA

 Purple Swan*                                                                                                                                                                                      The face behind Purple Swan Tarot. Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Healing Gemstone Jewelry Designer.

                                    Banrion of Uisce

This week’s card is Banrion of Uisce, also known as The Queen of Hearts as well as the Queen of Cups,  because she presides over the realm of the emotions & psychic plane. She is the nurturer, the comforter, beauty itself, mysterious, intuitive, soul dweller, the seer, the knower, the feminine… Maiden, Wife, Mother. She ‘knows’ & sees into the very depths of our souls without any physical ‘proof’ … this is called Gnosis. She Rules the outer world by using her feelings and intuition rather than logic, facts and figures. She leads  and makes decisions with her heart, not her head. She is mysterious and you may never really be able to know or access all faucets of her. So this week, the Banrion of Uisce is asking you to go within yourself… spend some quiet time by yourself. Meditate. Spend some time soul searching and don’t be afraid to really FEEL. Use your feelings and instincts this week to make decisions or assess situations and people. The Banrion of Uisce is telling you to follow your heart. Use your senses. Feel, see, hear with your heart.  Use your intuition and gut reactions this week in order to ‘feel’   your way forward on your journey through life. She asks you to open your heart.  To accept the abundance readily available to us all by being open to receiving as well as giving  love. Seeing her this week is also a cue that it is time to nurture  and Mother yourself. Don’t give so much of yourself away to others that you have nothing left for or of yourself. You can’t give of yourself if you have nothing left to give.

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Illustrations from The Faery Wicca  Tarot by Kisma K. Stepanich & Renee Christine Yates c.1999., Llewellyn Publications, a division of Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989, USA

                 STRIVE FOR                

 ~ Purple Swan* ~

It’s time for another 3-Card Oracle Reading this week!      Here’s how it goes… Look at the 3 cards below. Take three deep breaths to ground & center yourself. Then intuitively pick the card that ‘speaks’ to your heart. No peeking or scrolling down until you have chosen your card. Card 1, Card 2, or Card 3.


Now scroll down to reveal your chosen card.

Then continue to scroll down for the message the oracle has for you this week.





Make Better Choices

~     Card #1          ~         

Have you ever heard the saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different results”? Well, it’s true, and it especially applies to you at this time. Whatever you do brings about specific results-if you don’t like them, you need only change your behavior.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to connect all results in your life directly with your choices, and blame no one but yourself for these experiences. Although this may sound extreme, it’s the basis of real freedom. If you’re willing to make better decisions, you can create new and more satisfying outcomes. But if you don’t, be assured that the consequences will stay the same.

Your soul’s lesson: examine the results of your life today. Identify which ones satisfy you and which ones don’t, which behaviors work and those that need to change. For example, where you experience people as defensive, is your behavior confrontational? Where you see others as aggressive and demanding, are you acting passive and non-assertive? Where you’re being bullied, how are you conducting yourself-and where you’re the bully, how are you behaving?

If you really want to try something exciting, change your actions so that you’re loving others and yourself. The picture of your life will suddenly shift from shades of gray to beautiful living color… You’ll see.

Laugh at your Demons

~       Card #2         ~

In what area of your life are you feeling miserable and unable to find your way out? Where have you been judging yourself or another so harshly that you see no means of forgiveness? What are you hiding from or covering up, afraid that you’ll be found out? In what area of your life have you lost all sense of humor?

Your soul’s purpose right now is to restrain your critical ego and return to the love of your heart Yourself. Be aware of every aspect of your life in which you feel stuck, and recognize this is only appearance. All things will be solved in time.

Your souls lesson; break free from the psychic bondage that arises from your overly judgmental ego. Feel the low-quality vibration that such doom, gloom, and harshness brings about. Ease up on yourself-nothing is that bad. Deconstruct the energetic barbed-wire fence around your heart, and turn off the psychic “go away” sign that you flash at the world.

As intense as your present situation may seem, and as bad as you feel, know that your Higher Self will guide you if you let it. Seek your spirit’s clear perspective by activating your humor, blessing your mess, and trusting that it will all straightened out. As you laugh, be certain that it will.

*SOUL oracle Cards  by Sonia Choquette, c. 2006. Published & Distributed by Hay House, Inc.

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Live from your Spirit

 ~    Card #3           ~

If you feel that everything you’re doing right now isn’t working, or that every situation you face is working against you, be glad! Believe it or not, on a soul level you’re simply entering a major learning curve. The only thing blocking you is thinking too much, instead of just following your spirit. The more your soul asserts itself, the more you must respond from your Higher Self.

View all aggravating circumstances as an invitation to grow and flex your Divine muscles. Stop laminating, “why is this happening to me?” As though life is unfair. The awakened soul knows that isn’t the case: life just is-it’s your response that decides the outcome. Stay connected to your Higher Self rather than drowning in drama. Above all, take a close look at how much of your behavior is simply an unsavory, unconscious ‘goulash’ of conditioning acquired from childhood, peer pressure, the media, society, or even past lives, and not a reflection of your true spirit.

Your soul’s purpose right now is to eliminate all the overthinking and negative habits that clog your judgment, Hijack your freedom, and victimize you. Instead, use the power of your Higher Self.

Your soul’s lesson: stop playing the victim of circumstance. Focus, learn, and choose to respond appropriately when confronted with life’s challenges.


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KING of WATER: ~Benevolent~Compassionate~Emotional Responsibility~

~A Bard, Priest, Minister or Spiritual Leader~

~Knowledgeable~Stable~ ~Fatherly or Grandfatherly~Kind~

~Considerate~Authority in Arts & Sciences~

Poet~Musician~Artistic~ ~Compassionate Doctor Whom Listens~

~In Touch with His Feelings~Emotional Control~Trustworthy~

The King of Water, more commonly called the King of Cups, is a Benevolent fellow. He has only the best interests in mind for everyone he comes in contact with. This card can indicate a wonderfully kind Gentleman you will encounter this week, or your own energy that you will need to bring to the forefront this week. If you’ve seen the movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’, you will understand and recognize his energy as King Triton., Ariel’s Dad. He tries to protect her and give her the Fatherly advice that he feels is in her best interest. To bestow upon her all his knowledge acquired through years of experience. This is the energy of the King of Water. (Which she abruptly ignored and got into all sorts of trouble before finally finding her way BTW!!!) This may be the case with your own kids or someone close to you that just has to learn the hard way even though you tried your best to reason with them… or maybe you are the one ignoring perfectly good advice from a benevolent friend or family member? Just know that they have your best interests in mind. Or if you find yourself in the role of the benevolent parent or friend, hopefully your advice will be taken to heart and applied. But sometimes, we have to step aside and let others find there own way… even if that means doing nothing but praying for their protection while we stand by and watch with awaiting open arms for when they fall flat on their face! Is all hell breaking out around you? It is your task to stay calm and be the voice of reason. If on the other hand, your world is in chaos and you need the voice of calm, controlled reason… you are being asked to find this in yourself or to accept the helping hand of another who has the knowledge or the experience you need just now. If this is a person in your life or whom you will encounter this week, consider yourself lucky. You can trust this person with your whole self. They have the best emotional advice and the kindest yet stable energy about them and they can help you find the best way forward for you. If you find you just need a shoulder to cry on… this is your guy. If you are exploring your depths and need an outlet of expression, you will find this through music, photography, painting, poetry,  writing or the Arts. If you find yourself in need of physical healing… this is just the Doc you need. A good listener, kind, caring and considerate with excellent bedside manner whom you can trust their instructions or advice. As a mate or Lover, you will find this person a real catch, but be forewarned… it does come with a price. This person will take very good care of you and have only your best interests at heart, but you may find them a little distant with their own emotions. As if they are holding back on you. It’s not that they don’t love you, because they do with their whole heart. They would do anything to ensure your happiness… it’s just that they must stay in emotional control at all times. Just consider yourself lucky to be under this persons wing and go with it.! This could literally be your Father, Grandfather or someone with this kind of knowledgeable energy. Lucky you!

Illustrations on the card by Jena DellaGrottaglia. The Good Tarot deck by Collette Baron-Reid.© 2017. Publishedand distributed by Hay House, Inc.

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  • A “WAKE UP!” call from the  Universe
  • Finding one’s Soul Purpose
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Using Good Judgement

The Tarot Card JUDGEMENT is like a big Universal Alarm clock. You may have been just going through the motions, barely awake and barely getting by. Get up, go to work, go to bed… shampoo, rinse, repeat. Same old, same old. This card is telling you there is more to life. Stop staggering through life on auto-pilot, half asleep. JUDGEMENT is the sign that the Universe (symbolized by the spiritualized cross/angel combo in purple on the card, and if you look close, the bottom of this spirit-cross, flares out at the bottom like a bugle or blow horn so you WILL hear it’s message loud and clear) is send you a message. A wake up call. “WAKE UP!!!” This is your notification that it’s time to wake up and answer Spirit’s call. It is also a reminder to take personal responsibility. Not only for yourself and your family, but for the betterment of your fellow man/woman/child and the World as a whole. You are being asked to do the right thing, even when it’s hard or not the popular choice. Have the courage to do what’s right. When making decisions, use good judgement and common sense. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it or because it’s expected of you.  Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Do it for the greater good. Act smart, don’t just re-act. Teach that to your kids and Grand kids too.  But mainly, you are being asked to awaken to your Souls True Purpose (yep, all in caps because it’s that important). To step up and claim your duty to yourself and the World and fulfill your mission here on Earth. It is telling you, rather than just going through the motions in your life, it is now time to take it upon yourself to do what you were put on this earth to do. To answer your Souls cry for meaning and purpose. Have you always felt a nagging deep in your heart that there is something you were just meant to do or be doing? But maybe you felt it wasn’t practical or you felt silly even thinking about it let alone actually doing it? Do you have a gift that you haven’t been using in the real World or have been doing ‘just for fun’? Maybe you sing… in the shower, but you do it really well? Perhaps you paint beautifully but don’t think your work is good enough to sell. Do you aspire to be a Writer but you only write in your journal or leave the stories in your head? Do you have a vast knowledge of herbs or healing but don’t do anything with that knowledge? Do you wake up in the middle of the night at the same time every night and look at the clock and it reads 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44… that’s Spirit sending you a message that it’s time to wake up and answer your Souls calling. Spirit has been at it for a very long time. When you were a kid, what did you play? House? Doctor? Fireman? Police person? Nurse? Food Prep? Etc… For me it was Nun. Always the little Spiritual helper and advisor! ~to be continued, in the yellow print, below or beside, depending on your device~…

Illustration from the Motherpeace Round Tarot deck by Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble c.1983 Published & distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.. 179 Ludlow Street Stamford, CT 06902 USA                      * Click on name of deck to purchase.

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Strength. Courage. Fortitude. Conviction. Energy. Determination. Resolution. Defiance. Action. Confidence. Innate ability. Zeal. Fervor. Matter over mind. Mind over matter. Accomplishment.

This weeks Tarot Blog Post card is Strength. You may at first glance think this card brings the energy of fierceness, and although it does… it’s primary energy is that of compassion. “What!?” you might say. But yes, it’s about calming our fears and doubts, using compassion towards ourselves and others. Look at the card. She’s stroking a Lion! She’s calming down his instinctive nature with gentleness and compassionate. You don’t always have to be loud and fierce to be strong. Sometimes gentle strength and compassion speak louder than harsh words and bravito. When we come upon a scared animal we want to come closer to us, do we yell and growl at it? I think not. We gentle our voice and fill it with compassion. This is the energy this card is asking us to express this week. Do you have someone in your life that yells, growls and tries to to convince you how brave and fierce they are with their display of bluster?   Yet you know in your heart it is all coming from a place of pain, fear  and a lack of confidence? Yep… that is the energy of this card. It is asking you to be strong yet gentle with yourself and others you come in contact with whom may growl at you or react instinctively out of pain, fear or a lack of confidence. Don’t let all their bluster fool you. It’s all a big show. Know that their growl is worse than their bite. They are really just a pussy cat once you take the time and effort to tame them. When they growl at you, react with kindness and compassion. Be gentle and calm their (or your own)  fears.  On the flip side of this card, it may be that you have been too demur and now it is time to show your Lion or Lioness side. Step into your power with confidence and fierceness. Show the power of your convictions. Stop letting others make you play small or plant little seeds of doubt in your mind. Act with strength and determination. Don’t be a doormat any longer… show them what you’re made of! Stand up for yourself. Say “I’m here, I’m not going away. I’m here to stay!”
I’m proud of my accomplishments and I plan to make my mark on the World. Know that anything worth attaining can be accomplished with will and determination. You want it? Then go get it! Acting like a shrinking Violet isn’t going to cut it! Step out and shine, baby!!! It’s time to fortify your sense of Self and step into the true you whom is strong, powerful, confident, competent and a force to be reckoned with! Own it! Be that Lion or Lioness you know is within you! Stand up and be counted!!!


Illustration from The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts c.1985. Published and distributed by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 179 Ludlow Street, Stmford, CT 06902 USA       * Click on name of deck to purchase.

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4 of Pentacles


~Stingy~Penny Pinching~ ~Ebenezer Scrooge~

~Money Minded~


~Certainty of Possession(s)~

~The Power  of Money~

~The Midas Touch~

~Clinging to what one possesses~

~Lack of Generosity~


~Isolation due to  a Suspicious Nature~


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Illustration from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne c. 2013 Copyright  Lo Scarabeo Publishers. Lo Scarabeo Via Cigna 110 – 10155 Torino, Italy  * Click on deck name to purchase.

This weeks Tarot Blog Post Card is the 4 of Pentacles. It’s no coincidence that the 4 on a keyboard when the ‘shift’ key is applied is the $ sign!!! In Numerology the number 4 means ones Foundation. What one builds there life upon. Ones source of safety and stability in life. What makes one feel secure in life. All this is true… you need some money in your life. But there needs to be a healthy and balanced relationship with money or it can possess you rather than you possessing it. If money is on your mind 24/7 or if you work all the time and don’t have any time left for life or those you love… money has become more of a problem than an asset, and you my friend, are out of balance!  With the 4 of Pentacles it indicates that the person ruled by this card’s foundation is all about money and what money can buy them. Now money in and of itself isn’t evil, we all need it to live, but there must be a balance. Some people are so obsessed with it that it becomes everything to them. It’s their sole source of power. You’ve heard it said “he has the Midas touch.” Where everything some people touch turns to gold. This can be a blessing or a curse. When money becomes their whole world and we don’t allow the time to show others how important they are to us and how much they mean to us, love and those we love suffer. This is the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the lesson he is taught by the spirits of Christmas past, present and future. Ebenezer, in the past, before money became the foundation of his entire world, was a kind and loving Lad with a Fiance whom meant the world to him. He wasn’t rich, but he had lots of friends and he was happy. But then, after seeing what riches money could buy,  he devoted himself solely to acquiring all the money he could get his hands on. Initially it was to provide a better life and home for his intended bride. But once he started acquiring his stash of money, greed set in and he became obsessed with getting more and more. He told himself it was for his future bride, but after awhile, even she knew this to be a lie. Ebenezer worked all the time,isolated himself from others because he wouldn’t make any time for them, became stingy with what he already had and didn’t know when enough was enough. Soon he isolated himself from the outside world, including the very people he loved. He lost his fiance as his devotion ‘shifted’ from his love of a woman to his love for cold hard cash. He stopped caring about the welfare of others and only about himself. This is why you see the person in this card holding a coin over their heart… it shows how one can actually block off the heart, (using money as a substitute for love and as a balm for heartbreak) love and life by worshiping money and possessions. It shows this poor fellow has isolated themselves from life (indicated by the city in the background that they have turned their back on). It shows the suspicion and paranoia that can occur when we have an ungenerous character because we think people are only after our money. It also indicates how poverty mindedness can make us stubbornly cling to what we have acquired(note that he is grasping one coin with both hands while placing both feet on two more coins, thus keeping him immobile by his greed). Notice also, that they have a coin on top of their head. This indicates that money is paramount and ALWAYS on their mind, leaving no time of thought for life or others. It wasn’t until the spirit of Christmas future showed him he would die alone and uncared for and how his actions, miserliness and greed cost the life of Tiny Tim, that he woke up and changed his ways. Using his money to spread joy and happiness and at the same time, opened his own heart to love and life and all the joy a generous spirit can bring. This is the card of greed and the miser. So although money has it’s place in our lives, it is an indication that there is more to life than that… or at least there should be. In order for happiness and love to enter your life, you must have a generous spirit and an open heart. You must be willing to open your heart to others and be generous with what you have. Don’t let money become your sole reason for living. After all, as you learned in pre-school … sharing is caring! 

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Two Card Reading



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  • Now,  on to the Reading!

Card #1: THE SITUATION: FIVE of SWORDS: With the Five of Swords, we see two things happening. The first thing is there may be a situation where someone is experiencing heartbreak, rejection, ridicule, embarrassment or humiliation. This could be something small, such as negotiations falling apart. Ideas not beings heard. No one is listening because people are pushing their own agenda and everyone is talking at once. Or abuse is happening (usually mental abuse) or abuse of power. Someone is making others feel small or invisible, belittling another. Someone has been rejected or humiliated, while the person doing this just laughs at their own antics. Bullying. Degradation or taking credit for anothers’ work. Stealing someone’s thunder in order to stay the center of attention and remain in the limelight. This could also indicate having ones heart broken by something someone did or said. You could be the one done wrong to or you could be the wrong doer. Carelessly hurting others in order to look big and now you are the one suffering a fall from grace. The second situation you may encounter is the need to make a decision concerning what to do about the the situation(s) indicated in the fore mentioned scenarios.

CARD #2: ADVICE: QUEEN of CUPS: The Queen of Cups is advising you to go inside yourself for answers. Use your intuition, gut, hunches, intuition and feelings in order to deal with the situation at hand. Try a little kindness and understanding in dealing with this situation or person(s) by sensing what is making them act out this way.  Usually you will find that they themselves were treated this way in the past and they are acting out of insecurity and hurt feelings themselves. This is not an excuse of course, but it may be the reason behind there actions. It may be in your best interest to walk away. Put some distance between you and leave it/them behind you. Then pick up the pieces and see what you can make from them like the Phoenix.  Or instead, let this infraction go this time and just turn the other cheek. This is especially true if you are the one receiving this kind of treatment. Be the bigger person here. If on the other hand, you are the one doing the hurting, know that your actions will come back to bite you. You will suffer a fall from grace in the eyes of the very person(s) you may have been trying to impress. This could be someone you were trying to get the attention of, or even worse, you may be falling from your position of grace in your own eyes by suffering shame and/or a guilty conscious over your wrong doing.  Now you must listen to your heart. Fess up to what you did. Come clean. Offer an apology to the person(s) you wronged and hope they forgive you. You might even put yourself in their position by ‘walking a mile in their shoes.’ By doing this, you regain your position, while at the same time, getting the attention and praise you were striving for in the first place. It is much more efficient to use kindness, compassion and understanding in order to obtain your goal from the very start. “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”  as the old saying goes. If you find you need to make a decision as to what to do in order to remedy this situation, whether you are the wrong doer or the person done wrong to; The Queen of Cups always tell you to follow your heart. Go with your gut, hunches and feelings. But use your head before you react. Go inside yourself  in order to find calmness, protection and answers. Only  then, from a position of calm, cool and collecteness can you follow your hearts council. Your heart will not lead you wrong in this situation, so go ahead and let your heart do the talking and the decision making. Acting with compassion, understanding and kindness will never steer you wrong.

In SUMMARY: When you find yourself dealing with hostility, rejection, humiliation, abuse, dismissed, belittled, made to feel invisible or taken advantage of… whether you are the one dishing it out or the one being done to; The Queen of Cups is advising you to go inside yourself for answers. Listen to yourself as well as to others. Put yourself in the other guys position in order to understand what made them act the way they did. Use your gut reaction, hunches, intuition and feelings in order to deal with the situation at hand. Try a little kindness, compassion and understanding in dealing with this situation and/or person(s) before deciding what to do about it. Let your heart show you the way and you won’t go wrong. Stop,  listen and feel before you react. Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry or accept an honest apology. It’s easier to forgive or be forgiven if you are being sincere.

The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. c. 1997. Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.,  Stamford, CT 06902 USA   * Click on the name of the deck to purchase.

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Queen of Wands


Self-Confident~Follows her  instincts, hunches & gut rections~

Planter of ideas~Supporter~ Magnetic~Dynamic~

The Boss Lady~


Fierce Protector of who & what she loves~Sexual~Inspiring~Fiery~Growth seeking /giving~

Career Woman~

Business Owner~


Female Entrepreneur~

Self-Contained Power-house, Energetic~Self-Starter~

Womanly power & Mystic~

Think Lioness (see the Black Cat? Her power and knowledge come from a mysterious source or is other worldly)

Can be a Country Woman~

She’s HOT and makes no apologizes for it, she owns it!

Illustration from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne c. 2013 Copyright  Lo Scarabeo Publishers. Lo Scarabeo Via Cigna 110 – 10155 Torino, Italy  



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This weeks Tarot Blog Post card is The Queen of Wands.  She is magnetic, theatrical, dramatic and sexually alluring. Look at the symbolism in this card. Sunflowers means growth. The Wand means Power. The Crown means Authority. The Black Cat means Support as well as Mystique and other worldly knowledge, even Feline Prowness, Power & the ability to see the invisible & know what is hidden in a person or a situation. She is instinctive. The colors in the cards shed additional meaning. Gold shows her Regalness and Authority. Touches of Red show her passionate nature. Black shows her Mysterious Mystique and ability to see into other worlds. Brown her nourishing and supportive aspects. Orange shows her courage, fire,  self-confidence, creativity and sexuality. Yellow shows her intuition, her sunny, energetic disposition. Green shows she not only rules with her intuition and gut feelings, but with her heart.But notice that she just barely has hints of blue (in the sleeves of her dress) because this Queen is not ruled by her emotions… that realm belongs to the Queen of Cups. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve. This Queen is all about Power.  When she enters a room she commands the attention of all present, whether she speaks a word or not! Her very presence fills a room and she enchants anyone who makes contact with her. She is Self-confident and uses her instincts and intuition to make decisions rather than relying purely on logic. She is a career woman and self-assurance is her middle name. She loves being in the limelight and can become rather pouty or downright mean if she feels someone is stealing her thunder! She is both sides of the feminine; the encouraging, giving, caretaker, but if you cross her or those under her care in any way, she can tear you a new one (if you catch my drift)! She is the embodiment of the Female Boss Lady (Think of the Movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ starring Meryl Streep). Her theme songs would be Hele Redy’s ‘I am Woman’ & Shania Twain’s ‘Every Woman’. She is Kali in the Disney movie Moana and in the tales of many Cultures. She is the feminine power of the element Fire. If she takes you under her wing, she will do everything in her power to make sure you succeed. She signifies growth, creation, ideas, instinct, creativity, confidence and sexual allure. This week you will either meet someone that embodies this woman’s qualities, or you will embody these qualities yourself. So if you meet this woman or find yourself interacting with her, be sure you stay on her good side, as she can make good things happen for you. If you get on her bad side, she can and will make life miserable for you. If this card indicates YOU, you are owning your own power, being authentic,  feeling confident, creative and in control of yourself,  the situation and all those around you. 
You can create success for yourself and/or for those you hold dear. This can be a female (usually), but can indicate the feminine side of a male just as easily. Everyone has both male  and female energies within them. This card bodes well in ones career or if you are a Domestic Goddess whom makes a home, a home. She creates a welcoming space in her home and makes it warm and welcoming. All in all a very good card if you are seeking confidence and creativity in any career, environment or situation… as long as you don’t cross her, or if it’s you, no one should cross you!

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Queen of Cups

Queen of the emotional realm. She ‘feels’ her way through life. Leads with her heart rather than her head. Venus. The Goddess of Love. She’s Intuitive. Nurturing. Mothering. Beauty. Soul Searching. Deeply emotional. Maiden. Wife. Mother. Care Giver. Nurse. Healer. Psychic. Dreamy. The everyday physical world expression of the High Priestess.

We sure have been having a run of Cups cards seen in our weekly Tarot Blog Posts recently. The Universe is really trying to get through to us that we need to slow down, meditate, balance emotionally, delve deep into our emotional selves, do some soul searching and nurturing. Whether alone or while interacting with others, it’s time to give ourselves and those we care about an emotional tune up. To pay attention to how we feel and prioritize Love, in all it’s forms. This week is continuing that trend with THE QUEEN of CUPS. Also known as The Queen of Hearts because she presides over the realm of the emotions & psychic plane. She is the nurturer, the comforter, beauty itself, mysterious, intuitive, soul dweller, the seer, the knower, the feminine… Maiden, Wife, Mother. She ‘knows’ & sees into the very depths of our souls without any physical ‘proof’ … this is called Gnosis. She Rules the outer world by using her feelings and intuition rather than logic, facts and figures. She leads  and makes decisions with her heart, not her head. She is mysterious and you may never really be able to know or access all faucets of her. So this week, the Queen of Cups is asking you to go within yourself… spend some quiet time by yourself. Meditate. Spend some time soul searching and don’t be afraid to really FEEL. Use your feelings and instincts this week to make decisions or assess situations and people. The Queen of Cups is telling you to follow your heart. Use your senses. Feel, see, hear with your heart.  Use your intuition and gut reactions this week in order to ‘feel’   your way forward on your journey through life. She asks you to open your heart.  To accept the abundance readily available to us all by being open to receiving as well as giving  love. Seeing her as our weekly Card is also a cue that it is time to nurture  and Mother yourself. Don’t give so much of yourself away to others that you have nothing left for or of yourself. You can’t give of yourself if you have nothing left to give!

In Love & Light, Purple Swan*

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti© 2004, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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